Healing Your Relationship with Money

Lots of people find money challenging to talk about. Maybe they grew up in a family that was uncomfortable talking about money. Perhaps they have been told that it's rude to talk about income. Or maybe they're unfamiliar with how finances work and are embarrassed. It's funny, isn't it? We spend so much time thinking about money and working to make money, yet so many of us find it hard to talk about!

So let's flip the script. Let's talk about getting cozy with cash! Today, we will talk about how the law of attraction can help you with your money mindset. And we'll talk about getting comfortable with thinking and talking about money. 

Once you're more comfortable with money, you can manifest more dough and make peace with your finances. Let's get started!

1. Remember Law of Attraction

Let's talk about how to improve your relationship with money by following the law of attraction. The energy you attract will affect the different areas of your life, from health to relationships and finances.

When it comes to money, having a positive mindset is crucial. To do this, it's important to focus on an abundance mentality rather than scarcity.

So, how do you get an abundance mindset?

There's an old saying: Rome wasn't built in a day. The same is true of financial success. You need to be patient and never give up. You must also be willing to try new things and develop new habits. While this might seem overwhelming at first, it doesn't have to be! You can start small with these simple steps.

2. Set Clear Financial Goals

Money Mindset Workbook of Lovet Planners 2024

If you don't have clear financial goals, how can you visualize them? Define your goals and break them down into little, achievable steps. When you make small goals out of big ones, you make a clear map for your financial journey. 

Talking about money can be overwhelming, So you can use a guide like money mindset workbook that we created. You don't have to do this on your own! Changing your money mindset is easier when you have a guide.

3. Practice Gratitude (specifically for your finances) 

One way to change your money mindset is to think of it as something to be grateful for. Start a gratitude journal just for money! Every day, write down something about your money that you're grateful for. This could be your paycheck, a place you found to save money, or anything else positive. When you focus on the positive, it's easier to think about money. 

4. Add Your Dream Income to Your Vision Board

Seeing is believing! Take some time every day to visualize your ideal financial situation. What are your financial goals? Do you want to pay off debts? Save for a dream vacation? Buy a home? Whatever your goals are, you can achieve them. But you need to believe in yourself! When you visualize your goals, you can feel the emotions you associate with success.

5. Set Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are great! They're so helpful for reframing the way you think about your life. Find the right positive affirmations related to your finances. Repeat them every day to help you change your money mindset.

Everyone manifests goals differently. Everyone has different opinions of money and wants different things. Whatever you choose to do with your finances, make sure you keep track of them. 

Whether you want to accomplish personal goals, manifest a new career, or welcome abundance into your life, Lovet Planners can help you on your journey. 


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