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Break Free From Your Limiting Beliefs + Create The Life You Want

A new guided kit to help you transform your mindset.

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Ever feel like you're stuck in a loop of negative self-talk?

👉 Like your dreams are just beyond your reach? Well, here's some real talk.

👉 You have the power to change your thought patterns, to step out of feeling stuck, and to start living a life full of drive and purpose.

👉 Small, intentional changes in how you see yourself and your goals can help you move past those limiting beliefs, find your inner peace, and start living a life that's authentically and unapologetically yours.

Introducing the long-awaited 'NEW'

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Vision Board Kit:
Deluxe Edition (Cosmic)


1 Luxe Hardcover Vision Book ($60 Value)
1 Graphics Book ($30 Value)

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Ready for a life makeover? Our Vision Board Kit: Deluxe Edition is your personal life coach in luxury binding. 

It's all about you—your dreams, your plans, your success story waiting to unfold. 

This kit is calling your name if you...

  • Are tired of the same old negative thoughts and patterns.

  • Tend to self-sabotage or doubt your capabilities.

  • Find it hard to stick to your goals.

  • Are fed up with feeling directionless and full of regret.

  • Need a boost to chase after those big, beautiful dreams.

Over 65,000+ Happy Customers!

Helps Me So Much!

"Juggling work and family, I was always on the backburner. Not anymore! The Lovet Vision Book helps me carve out 'me' time, refocusing on my dreams. It's my daily dose of self-care & ambition!" 

Alicia R., Columbus, OH

This Kit Is My Lifeline!

"I was drowning in clutter – mental and physical. But the Luxe Vision Board Book became my lifeline. It's like a sanctuary where I can clear the chaos and lay out what I truly want. And seeing it every day? That's the motivation I didn't know I needed. It's not just a book; it's a journey back to myself.

— LaKeisha S., Atlanta, GA

Queen Of Procrastination

Listen, I was the queen of procrastination. But the Luxe Vision Board Book? It held me accountable. It's like having a personal coach guiding you back on track. My ideas, plans, life goals – they're not just thoughts anymore; they're plans in action. If you need that push, that visual kick, this is it. Thank me later!" — Brianna W., Detroit, MI

— Brianna W., Detroit, MI

What's Inside Your Kit?

đź’• Lovet Vision Board Book:

(1) Guided Vision Board Book LUXE EDITION (Hardcover): One SpiralBound HARDCOVER Book, 60 Full-Color pages, 12 premium dividers for each stage of the process, Premium rose gold metal spiral, inside, journaling pages and space for vision boards.

đź’• Lovet Vision Board Graphics Book:
(1) Vision Board Graphics Book: One 11 X 8.5" bound notebook with glossy softcover and back cover. 48 pages inside: motivational quotes, graphics, art prints, bank of the universe checks, sample vision board and more!

đź’• Lovet Vision Board Starter Guide:
Comprehensive Step-by-Step Tutorial for the Lovet Planners Vision Board Kit - Unlock Creativity, Organize Categories, and Discover Endless Vision Board Ideas and more!

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