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Getting to know our customers through social media interactions and more has been a delight, but we want to continue taking the steps to grow this community and get to know you!

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Last quarter, we sent out a call for spotlight features to our email subscribers and we received hundreds of responses! Our Lovet Planner team combed through every response received and wow, we can’t wait to share these stories with you.

So far, we’ve shared Vision Board Planner interviews with Lovet Planners customers Cheri Joseph and Betsy O’Brien. Both of these fabulous individuals had a lot to say about their manifesting process! Who’s next?

Allow us to introduce you to TrishaTrixie Hunter-Merrill, a long-time Lovet Planners customer who is one of our loudest advocates online! It was only a matter of time before we’d get the honor of spotlighting Trisha!

Trisha - who is based out of Greenwood Village - is an author, inspirational speaker, and EmpowerMentor with an honorary title of “The Sprinkler of Fabulous and Crusader for Humanity”. We 100% lovet! Her life has been centered with a love for love, peace, and harmony.

“I am grateful to still be alive after two cancers,” Trisha shared with us. “Now, battling a 3rd.”

We're excited to introduce to you this inspiring warrior! 

Meet TrishaTrixie Hunter-Merrill

LP: How did you first learn of vision boards and what attracted you to them?

Trisha: I have always loved VB since I was young. My mother is a Spiritual Reverend so I grew up with the knowledge that I could manifest my world.

LP: Do you have any stories or experiences where a vision board was incredibly helpful in the process?

Trisha: The first time I found out I had cancer in 2016, I was at a loss like many are. However, I chose to use art therapy to help me feel better and focused on making Vision Board Books. Gluing pages while I was getting chemo, coloring, adding stickers, having fun creating while in the hospital even, was a huge mind shift for me that really helped me to move through the process of cancer. I love being able to look back at those books and see how far I have come and to keep using vision boarding for Positive Art Therapy for my Soul.

LP: What tips would you offer to others getting started on vision boarding for the first time?

Trisha: First, get out of your own way. What I mean by that is stop overthinking it. Just start by writing down words that inspire you, or cut out words and pictures that resonate with you. You can focus on something if you want, but if that is keeping you from moving forward, change the conversation with yourself. Have fun with it! Get ideas online, Pinterest, and Google search to see what others have done!

LP: What do you like about the Vision Board Planner? 

Trisha: I like the fact it is in a book mostly. I love boards, however, you can't take boards with you. I am often in the hospital or recovering at home and it warms my heart to be able to carry it with me and to help give me hope and focus as well as something to do creatively.

LP: What affirmation or mantra do you love right now?

Trisha: The idea is not to live forever, but leave a legacy that will. When given the option of being fabulous, why would you choose anything else? Both are my own creations and are my uplifts and focus.

Thank you so much to TrishaTrixie Hunter-Merrill for taking the time to join us for this spotlight interview. We see and feel your strength in the journey you’ve shared with us. Our gratitude overflows!

If you’re interested in being featured in a spotlight interview, contact us at help@lovetplanners.com for instructions on how to be considered! 

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Follow TrishaTrixie’s journey: https://about.me/trishatrixie

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