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Getting to know our customers through social media interactions and more has been a delight, but we want to continue taking the steps to grow this community and get to know you!

We recently sent out a call for spotlight features to our email subscribers and we received hundreds of responses! Our Lovet Planner team combed through every response received and wow, we can’t wait to share these stories with you.

Last week, we shared a Vision Board Planner interview with Betsy O’Brien who is putting the Law of Attraction to work for finding her dream home. 

In our second interview, we’re happy to introduce you to Cheri Joseph, a Lovet Planners customer from the US Virgin Islands who currently resides in Florida. Cheri works 8 to 5 days, and in her off-time, her focus is on her blog and YouTube channel.

“I love dancing, creating, and spa retreats,” Cheri shared. “I’m grateful for God’s grace and love, for my family, and just having life.”

How is Cheri manifesting her visions? Learn more about Cheri and her journey in this Q&A-style spotlight interview.

Meet Cheri Joseph

LP: How did you first learn of vision boards and what attracted you to them?

Cheri: The first time I heard about Vision boards, I had seen a video by Carrie Green and Alexandria. It blew my mind because growing up, this was something I did, being a visual, creative person. I didn't know that it was a thing & that it had a name.... like an entire process.

LP: Do you have any stories or experiences where a vision board was incredibly helpful in the process?

Cheri: When I was moving to Florida, I knew where I wanted to live and the car I wanted. So, I created a digital and a physical vision board. Every time I looked at either, it reminded me to do what I needed to do. To take the steps that were necessary to receive what I was praying to God for. When I moved, I moved into my dream condo and had my dream car waiting for me at the airport. I'm manifesting a new home, new dream vehicle, a dream job, and successful social media life. And I'm using the Vision Board Planner to manifest them. 😊

LP: What tips would you offer to others getting started on vision boarding for the first time?

Cheri: Before just cutting or looking for pictures and affirmations, meditate. Take some time to really think about what it is you want. The process to getting what you want and how you would feel if you had it right now. I don't go to the universe, I go to the creator of the universe. You want that when your manifestation comes to fruition, it's almost effortless and not stressful.

LP: What do you like about the Vision Board Planner? 

Cheri: How it helps in getting what you want to manifest down on paper.  It's very aesthetically pleasing, as well. And it goes amazingly with my brand.

LP: What affirmation or mantra do you love right now?

Cheri: It's more of a Bible verse, Matthew 6:33 and Proverbs 3:5-6

Thank you so much to Cheri Joseph for taking the time to join us for this spotlight interview and for sharing these wonderful tips and insight with our ever-growing community!

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