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Getting to know our customers through social media interactions and more has been a delight, but we want to continue taking the steps to grow this community and get to know you!

We recently sent out a call for spotlight features to our email subscribers and we received hundreds of responses! Our Lovet Planner team combed through every response received and wow, we can’t wait to share these stories with you.

Our first spotlight is with Lovet Planner customer Betsy O’Brien, who found us toward the end of 2020 while searching for vision board supplies thanks to the Big Brother that is - *drumroll* - Facebook ads. 

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Betsy runs a real estate team and a lifestyle brand with a local niche showcasing businesses, attractions, and events in the area. 

“I'm a self-employed, single mom. I'm eternally grateful for my amazing 15-year-old daughter,” Betsy shared with us. “We gave up everything (our house, almost everything we own) and moved in with family (who I am also incredibly grateful for!) in order for me pay off what I owe and pursue my business. I am on a mission to create opportunities!! For my daughter, myself, my clients, and the community we serve!”

That last line though...I am on a mission to create opportunities. We LOVET!

How is Betsy manifesting her visions? Learn more about Betsy and her journey in this Q&A-style spotlight interview.

Meet Betsy O’Brien

LP: How did you first learn of vision boards and what attracted you to them?

Betsy: I am a coach and an instructor as well. Vision Boards are a HUGE part of manifesting your goals and your dreams-which is what I help others create. Having a visual representation of what "achievement" looks like sends that positivity out into the universe so it can come right back! When you can see your goals and dreams, when you have them in front of you all the can show up as the person who has already achieved them. All that's left is to pick 'em out and bring 'em home!

LP: Do you have any stories or experiences where a vision board was incredibly helpful in the process?

Betsy: One of the boards I have for this year is all about finding a home. Since I know just saying "I  want a home!" is too broad, and I don't have anything to put in my home, I got extremely specific. From the furniture, right down to the dishes! I printed out a picture of a house that's currently available to rent (Yes, I sell real estate. Yes, I plan to rent for a year. Yes, I will BUY property very soon. It's all part of my master plan to be able to pay cash, do renovations and rent it to another single, working, mama-in-need through my non-profit organization.) 

Now, I'm seeing these items everywhere! I can budget for them and start to collect things I need, while I keep paying down other soon as I hit that goal, we'll be able to move right in, with everything we need.

I also have a board for my business. I know I'm going to help 50 families this year. It will lead to $10 Million in sales volume. 3 appointments a week will get me there. Those numbers are on my board, along with will lots of other images that represent my business and who I want to help.

LP: What tips would you offer to others getting started on vision boarding for the first time?

Betsy: Don't overthink it! Just find pictures of what you want to attract into your life over the next year and get it on paper. No dream is too big - NO ONE WINS WHEN YOU THINK SMALL! Since I create one every year, I stick to the goals and dreams I want to accomplish for THIS YEAR. I've started a "someday" board as well, but I'm laser-focused on the NOW.

LP: What do you like about the Vision Board Planner? 

Betsy: Since I don't have a space of my own, the planner was a great option for me to still have TONS of Vision Board space....all inside something the size of a notebook. I LOVE the words, affirmations, and fun options available to cut out and use on the Vision Board and the space to plan out what each board will contain.

A huge thank you to Betsy O’Brien for joining in for a spotlight interview on our blog! Before you take off, Betsy shared some of her favorite affirmations with us and this one is an important reminder:


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