The Art of Manifesting & Why It Works

Once upon a time in Hollywood - in real life - an actor by the name of Jim Carrey (In Living Color, Liar Liar, The Mask) wrote a check to himself. This wasn’t just any check though. Usually, when you get a check, you cash it in or make a deposit. 

In 1985, Jim Carrey wrote a $10-Million check to himself, dated it 10 years in the future, for “acting services rendered”.

You see what he’s up to? 

This is smart as heck. You’ll see -- 

Because in 1994, just shy of 10 years since the check was written, Jim Carrey starred in the Blockbuster comedy movie Dumb and Dumber which got approximately $39.2 million at the box office. Jim Carrey? He was paid $7 million for this feature role. That doesn’t count for the income he made from the films that followed in the franchise.

This is the Art of Manifesting at work. It’s more simple than you think! You see...

The actor set an intention and picked a method that would constantly keep that intention at the front of his mind. And what d’ya know? It worked.

According to Psychology Today, “Research shows that our expectations, positive or negative, tend to be confirmed. This is what is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy. So if we expect to bring our idea to life or reach our goal, we're more likely to.”

It’s this very reason why life coaches and speakers strongly recommend watching what you say, because “words are spells”. You’re putting your energy out into the world through your words and in return, receive that energy in abundance.

To map this out with Jim Carrey’s abundance check anecdote, the words in ink that Carrey wrote on that check are those word spells while the dollar amount (positive or negative dollar amount) is the energy currency. By dating it 10 years in the future, he gave himself a significant amount of time to compound and earn “interest” from nurturing his talents in acting. Remember he signed the check for “acting services rendered”. 

Do you think you’ve got the hang of manifesting yet?

It’s okay if you say no. What you’re reading is actually a sample of what you could learn from the Manifesting Journal. See what the manifesting process looks like, go through manifesting exercises, and set your intentions on your One Thing with the help of this guided journal.

“I love it! Great way to start and get comfortable with manifesting if you have never done it before! Thank you!” - Brianna W. 
“This was a gift and it’s so cute I might like this for my students as they graduate too.” - Katie C.
“Love my journal. Has helped in my journey to a more positive way of life.” - Brenda B.

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