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Vision Board Graphics Book
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Manifesting Journal
Manifesting Journal
Manifesting Journal
Manifesting Journal
Manifesting Journal
Manifesting Journal

Manifesting Journal

Manifesting Journal

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Vision Board Graphics Book

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "I was just starting a Vision Board and these checks came right on time! I wrote out the amount I "envisioned" along with some other things and seeing that amount every day, helped make that "vision" a reality! Thanks! Loved it!" -Amanda E., Lovet Planners Customer 

Meet your new Vision Board Bestie! Full color pages with everything you could need to add to your Vision Board including:

• Sample Vision Board
• Stylized Quote Graphics
• Descriptive Words
• Empowering Affirmations
• Empowering Statements
• Blank: Bank of the Universe Checks

These vision board graphics are a great way to focus on the  future you want to see, not the one you currently have. 

Use these Vision Board Graphics to:

  • Feel what it's like to have the life of your dreams
  • Easily make a vision board without having to search through tons of magazines.
  • Help bring your vision board to LIFE.
  • Make your vision board even prettier with these SUPER chic graphics, checks, images and more! 


This pairs PERFECTLY with our Vision Board Book. Do all your visioning in one, full sweep.
NOTE: These have similar graphics as what's currently included in our Vision Board Planner plus some extras not included. 


  • One small bound notebook with glossy softcover and back cover. 76 pages inside: motivational quotes, graphics, art prints, bank of the universe checks, sample vision board and more! 
  • Measures 9 X 7 inches.

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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ "  This journal is the truth! I've been manifesting everything since I've used it." -Judhadya M., Lovet Planners Customer 

Reach for what you want in life and seize it with the Lovet Planners Manifesting Journal. This journal is one part guide and 100% your journey, walking you through how to manifest and allow good things to flow into your life.

Get guidance on how to manifest new chapters of your life through structured daily journal questions and reflective worksheets.

    What's Inside

    7.44" X 9.68" Journal, Luxe Glossy Cover with 126 satin matte pages including:

    • 12 Weeks of Manifesting
    • Encouraging Quotes
    • Manifesting Guides
    • Affirmation cut outs
    • Reflection worksheets and more!

    Tax included.

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