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Are you ready to level up your self care and fall in love with yourself (all over again) like many of our customers are?

Getting to know our customers through social media interactions and more has been a delight, but we want to continue taking the steps to grow this community and get to know you!

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Last quarter, we sent out a call for spotlight features to our email subscribers and we received hundreds of responses! Our Lovet Planner team combed through every response received and are spotlighting these fabulous individuals on our blog for you to get acquainted with.

In our last interview, we spoke with Charise Horn and learned about how gratitude and self care transformed her life in the last year. We’re excited to share with you another story that may ring similar chords in our newest interview with Lovet Planners customer Karissa Fite!

Meet Karissa

Karissa is a full-time English teacher and part-time lifestyle blogger and content creator who is from the Bay Area but presently lives in Los Angeles. In Karissa’s free time, she’s creating content and writing on top of cooking, baking, and hanging out with her boyfriend and their cat. She loves finding new creative outlets and making people smile.

But making people smile can be taxing if there isn’t a balance between your self care and the nurturing attention you share with others, and that’s what Karissa knows well in her profession.

“Teaching requires me to always be giving, and I realized last year that I need to give to myself before I can give to others,” Karissa shares. “I incorporate self care and gratitude in my teaching but I wasn’t practicing enough myself. When I started carving out some time for some self care, I remembered that I’m worthy of self care and need to practice gratitude and mindfulness. It didn’t solve all my problems, but there has been a shift in balance, boundaries, and self love since then.”

Karissa found Lovet Planners through a Google search and got herself both the Gratitude Journal and Self Care Planner to support this new awareness of her self care and mindfulness.

We asked her about her experience with the Self Care Planner, and Karissa shared, “Something about having a physical planner where I can sit and put pen to paper and commit has really helped me prioritize myself and has helped me realize that taking care of myself isn’t selfish; it’s an act of live for myself and those around me.“

The structure of the Gratitude Journal, however, differs from the Self Care Planner but still offers value to Karissa on this path. She explained, “I’m such a psych and education nerd...I love metacognition! I like that I’m not just being asked to make a list, but reflect on why I’m grateful for the things on that list. I also really enjoy the inspirational quotes throughout the journal.”

The energy and vibe shift that comes from self care and gratitude helped Karissa remember that she’s worthy of her own love. Having given so much love, support, and attention to others, she recognizes she’s worth those things as well.

“Keeping gratitude lists helps me reflect on the good in my life. On my worst days, it forces me to dig deep and to be grateful for even just the basics in life that I take for granted. It helps keep me grounded and optimistic.”

Karissa imparts one bit of advice to those who are searching for the same experience. She shared with the Lovet Planners community, “Just try it before you write it off. It may sound hokey if you’ve never done it before, but give it a genuine try for a few weeks and notice how you feel. After a while, it becomes a habit and something you look forward to, not a chore or something you’re doing to check off your to-do list. With practice and time, you will start to notice how your attitude about yourself and your world shift. Yes, bad days will still happen, but this will help you develop the skills and mindset you need to navigate them.”

A huge thank you to Karissa for taking the time for an interview with Lovet Planners! We wish you all good things to flow into your life on your path in mindfulness.

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