Is it time to give up on manifesting?

You’re having doubts about manifesting. What is the big deal and why do your goals not feel like they’re within reach?

You’ve done your homework. 

You’ve bought the tools.

You’ve listened to the podcasts.

Why aren’t you manifesting your goals like you’ve been told you could?

Don’t lose hope. There’s a 99% chance there are some points you’re missing when it comes to manifesting; it requires your commitment through mindful action and visualizing. Your understanding is equally as important, so let’s break down what’s going on, shall we?

Manifesting doesn’t work on autopilot.

At some point in the discussion of manifesting, people lost sight of the fact that you have to put actions behind the intentions. When you pick up something like a Manifesting Journal, it’s not a one and done experience. You don’t write on the page and close the journal expecting a fully manifested dream to be there when you wake up the next morning.


Again, manifesting doesn’t work on autopilot.

Manifesting looks like this: After you’re doing writing on the page of your Manifesting Journal, you come back to it regularly. You read over your intentions, your “One Thing” statement, and move throughout your day being mindful of what brings you one step closer to your goal even if it’s microscopic.

Manifesting relies on how clearly you see and understand your goal.

Careful thought and consideration, understanding, and clarity are the key components that will keep your manifesting gears going. It’s easy to reach your goals when you can see the destination after all. So what do you do?

Instead of giving up on manifesting, you evaluate your manifesting process.

Ask yourself these questions to visualize and think about how you define your goals:

  • What is the WHY of your goal?
  • What is the HOW of your goal?
  • What is the WHO of your goal?
  • What is the WHEN of your goal?
  • What is the WHERE of your goal?

Okay. So what now?

When you’re working toward a goal, you’re manifesting it. Plain and simple. Each mindful action you take, even in researching how to get to the finish line, you are taking one step closer to your goal. Manifesting takes time, patience, and your commitment to defining your vision until it becomes reality.

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