How To Write Your Own Affirmations In 5 Steps

There’s only so much Pinterest diving you can do before you find yourself without affirmations that speak to you

So what are you expected to do then? Sure, you can find sources of affirmations among other nuggets of wisdom and inspiration, but the thing about affirmations is that you have to be tethered to them in some way.

What we mean is the affirmation needs to 1) apply to you and 2) evoke emotion that fuels the affirmation to become true.

Because that’s what affirmations are: Verbal agents of change spoken as if they are already true.

What Affirmations Look Like:

  • I am worthy.
  • I am abundant.
  • I live with grace.
  • I am grateful for all that I am.

What Affirmations Don’t Look Like:

  • I will be worthy.
  • I will be abundant.
  • I will live with grace.
  • I will be grateful for all that I am.

Can you spot the difference between those statements? Again, affirmations are spoken as if they are already true. So if you were to - for example - start your journey in self love? You’d start with affirmations like I am worthy of my own love and I am abundantly blessed with self love

You wouldn’t say I will because what happens is you start creating boundaries and barriers that imply you aren’t deserving of it now; you’re restricting good things in your life from happening until an unknown future. 

So you might as well speak with conviction now, and when you don’t have an affirmation that speaks to what your mind, heart, and soul need? You write your own affirmations.

Here’s how to write your own affirmations in 5 steps.

Writing Your Own Affirmations

1. Journal your focus and intentions.

Before you start on your affirmation adventures, you need a little bit of direction. So grab your journal, Vision Board Planner, or Self Care Planner and start writing out what you want out of your life. Ask yourself what steps will it take to get there. And then ask yourself how much confidence it requires, and how do you get that confidence. 

2. Identify the emotions around that focus and your intentions.

To continue off the first step, while you’re journaling, pay attention to the emotions around your focus and intentions. For example, if your goal is to return to stage performances after 10 years and you’re dealing with anxiety, your steps may include rebuilding your confidence. 

An affirmation that’s geared towards that may look like I am capable and a force in the spotlight.

3. Start building your affirmation.

The key to a solid affirmation is not just how it ties into your intentions and goals, but also how likely you are to remember it, speak it, write it, etc. The more sentences you add to your affirmation, the more difficult it will be to have an impact, so it’s important to keep your most crucial and most used affirmations to one sentence.

Write out a few affirmations and move onto the next step.

4. Review what you know about affirmations and make edits.

If your affirmation includes the word “will”, it is not a whole, effective affirmation. Remember, “I am” statements or statements that acknowledge what’s being said as true are the affirmations you want to use.

Make edits as needed.

5. Speak the affirmation to yourself or include it on a vision board.

Affirmations are a stellar ingredient for vision boards. They define how you want to feel, they define the truth you’re seeking in your life, and more. Amplify your vision boards with affirmations after you set your intention!

But at the core minimum of affirmations, speaking them to yourself, writing them down, those are impactful ways to weave the affirmation into your reality.

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Need a jumpstart on affirmations?

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