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Vision Board Wall Kit

Vision Board Wall Kit

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Got big dreams but don't know where to start? Our Vision Board Wall Kit is here to help! With 10 pretty blush cards, you can turn all your dreams into something you can see and touch.

Each card has its own special theme to help you sort out your dreams and visions. Want to show them off? Frame them, hang them up, or keep them close for a daily boost.

These cards are like your dream buddies, always there to cheer you on. And with Lovet Planners, dreaming big is just the beginning.

  • Dream Starter: Use our cards to make your dreams real.
  • Easy Guide: Comes with an example card to show you the way.
  • Display Your Way: Frame, hang, or keep them close for a boost.
  • Dream Themes: Each card helps you sort and plan your dreams for each part of your life Ex. Career, Love etc..

What's Inside?

  • 10 Stunning Vision Cards: Perfect for any space. Pin them up, frame them, or place them where you'll see them daily. These cards are your daily reminder that you're destined for greatness.
  • Quality You Can Feel: Made with thick 12 pt coated card stock paper, luxe blush cards that scream premium. And the back? Pure, uncoated white – ready for any personal touch or note you want to add.
  • Ideal Size for Your Space: At 5 x 7 inches, they're the perfect size to stand out, yet fit seamlessly into your space.
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