5 Creative Ways to Use Affirmations Every Day

We have a question for you: Why are the only affirmations in your life saved on a Pinterest board or on your camera roll when they could be making a positive impact on you in other creative ways?

You’re here reading this blog post more than likely because you love affirmations. You have an understanding of the appeal and influence of positive, empowering affirmations; that affirmations have the power to shift your own vibe. 

It all starts with an intention.

Intentions come in two parts

  • A state of mind that is powered by commitment, careful thought, and planning.
  • The anticipation and act of following through with that commitment, thought, or plan. 

Affirmations then follow intentions. Think of affirmations as the cheerleader or hype crew for those intentions. For example, let’s say you made an intention to work on your self love. You would then use self love affirmations to create and nurture that journey; surrounding yourself with the verbal support you need.

But what about going beyond verbal use of affirmations?

How can you creatively apply affirmations in a way that suits your needs?

In this blog post, we share 5 creative ways to use affirmations every day!

1. Create a collage on your wall or some sort of visual mural.

Decorating is underrated. You’re creating a space for yourself where you feel most comfortable and uplifted, so why not do something about that bare wall in your home office, living room, or bedroom?

Affirmations, mantras, and more are being designed as stylish graphics online. Even better? Lovet Planners released the new Self Love Wall Kit which is a bundle of 5” x 7” affirmation prints in the same style. It’s available in black or blush!

2. Look into custom neon signs.

A trending decor item is the bright, vivid neon sign! There are positive phrases and words already available as neon signs on the internet and it’s a simple Google search, but you can also search for custom neon signs for your favorite affirmation.

Not only will you enjoy the influence of the affirmation but the added color is a nice mood booster!

3. Make a vision board with affirmations.

Affirmations are a stellar ingredient for vision boards. They define how you want to feel, they define the truth you’re seeking in your life, and more. Amplify your vision boards with affirmations after you set your intention!

4. Frame affirmations and work them into your decor.

If the first idea of the collage wasn’t your style, those same Self Love Wall Kits we mentioned are 5” x 7” and can easily be framed and used together or separately. Choose your favorite affirmation from the bundle (or find your favorite online and print) and slip it into a 5” x 7” frame to hang on your wall or place on your vanity.

5. Leave surprise affirmation notes for yourself.

Every week, write and cut out 10 affirmations that speak to your intentions and needs clearly. Hide them in random places at home, in your car, etc. When you find them, repeat the affirmation shown out loud to yourself! It’s a nice little surprise of self love.

Now go forth and make use of the fabulous power of affirmations!

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