3 Things That Are Ruining Your Vision Board

Vision boards are more than a craft project. 

They are visual representations of your goals and dreams. They are not just a “collage” but they are a collage of photos and words that capture your intentions.

Decades have passed and grabbing magazines for your vision board is a reflex.

Do you know what else is a reflex? It’s giving up on your vision board before the manifesting is done. And that happens when you feel like the vision board isn’t working.

When a vision board isn’t working, there are a series of questions and reviews you should do. It could be as simple as not doing the work you set your intentions on. But wait…

Could it be something you put on your vision board? Is there something on your vision board right now that’s stalling the manifestation process?

If you think your vision board isn’t working, let’s start at the source: your vision board.

Here are three things that are possibly working against your envisioned process.

1. You’re using photos of other people.

The most effective vision board is one that’s detailed. You are the greatest detail. You’re the person that’s holding this vision together after all! So when you use photos of other people on your vision board, it blurs the vision.

What ends up happening is the subconscious urge to compare. What we mean by that is you’ll see the photo of that person in their role/position, thriving, and put their face to that experience. Vision boards should put your face to the experience you want to manifest as your reality.

Instead of using photos of people from magazines and online, go through your camera roll or albums on your computer and scan through the photos of you. Look for photos that…

  • Are a reminder of you in your happiest moments
  • Evoke positive feelings 

2. You’re using word(s) that are hollow.

Or it could be how the words are used. This point comes with several takeaways.

  1. You’re not using enough words.
  2. You’re using the wrong words.
  3. You’re giving others too much credit. 

When you include words on your vision board, you can either use singular words or quotes. But the words either need to hold a lot of meaning on their own to you or make sense when next to other words on a vision board.

Example #1: Yes, you can have the word “Peace” on your vision board but peace for what? 

Example #2: Putting the word “Love” on your vision board is really broad. There are so many forms of love. Expand on it.

Words used on vision boards must make sense of the intentions and goals you have in your heart.

The last takeaway to this point, if you’re including quotes in your vision boards, remove the name of the person who spoke them. This ties into the same point of not using photos of others, because you need to believe these words as if they are your life. 

3. There’s simply too much.

“Our life is frittered away by detail. An honest man has hardly need to count more than his ten fingers, or in extreme cases he may add his ten toes, and lump the rest. Simplicity, simplicity, simplicity!” - Walden, Henry David Thoreau

It’s easy to get carried away with vision boards. You want to make something aesthetically pleasing, a vision board you want to manifest with. But there’s a line you have to draw somewhere. 

If there’s too much to your vision board, all the pretty additions can clutter your vision. Vision boards need to be easily visualized so that when you’re walking by your desk and see it, your mind subconsciously activates.

These are just 3 potential things that are ruining your vision board. If you liked this blog post, you might also like ‘3 Rules of Manifesting Everyone Should Know’.

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