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Vision Board Kit:
Deluxe Edition (BLACK)


1 Luxe Hardcover Vision Book ($60 Value)
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FREE Vision Board Course ($100+ Value)

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Ready for a life makeover? Our Vision Board Kit: Deluxe Edition is your personal life coach in luxury binding. 

It's all about you—your dreams, your plans, your success story waiting to unfold. 

Feeling overwhelmed by the daily grind?

👎 Do you struggle to find time for yourself amid the chaos of work, family, and social obligations?

 👎 Have your personal dreams and ambitions taken a back seat to immediate needs and responsibilities?

 👎 Are you looking for a way to reconnect with your aspirations and make them a reality?

Girl, this Kit is for you if...

  • Dreams feel like they're always on "hold."

  • You've ever whispered, "Is this it?"

  • Life's noise is drowning your voice.

  • You're tired of putting everyone else first.

  • You need a daily dose of "I got this.” 

What to expect with your Lovet Vision Board Kit: Deluxe Edition?

This is more than just a kit; it's your personal cheerleader and accountability partner.

With it, you will: 

Find motivation through creating visual representations of your goals, helping keep them in your mind's eye

✅ Enjoy the simple, creative process of designing your future, making goal-setting fun and fulfilling

✅ Experience the satisfaction of seeing your dreams take shape in real-time, through actionable steps

Feel empowered as you make daily progress towards the life you envision

...So you can feel your absolute best, FAST.

*Limited Time* FREE Vision Board Course ($100+ Value)

Unlock your dreams with an exclusive free gift – our comprehensive Vision Board Designer Class, a $100 value, at no extra cost!

Dive into 40 lessons across 5 modules, complete with video tutorials, worksheets, and a suite of inspiring bonuses to bring your vision to life.

PLUS: 30 Days 100% Money-Back Guarantee! 

Move from thinking 'maybe later' to feeling the thrill of making things happen right now.


#1 Best Selling Manifestation Tool + Routine 


The BEST gift you can give to yourself and others


INCLUDES: Vision Board Course ($100+ Value!)

Over 60,000+ Happy Customers!

Helps Me So Much!

"Juggling work and family, I was always on the backburner. Not anymore! The Lovet Vision Book helps me carve out 'me' time, refocusing on my dreams. It's my daily dose of self-care & ambition!" 

Alicia R., Columbus, OH

This Book Is My Lifeline!

"I was drowning in clutter – mental and physical. But the Luxe Vision Board Book became my lifeline. It's like a sanctuary where I can clear the chaos and lay out what I truly want. And seeing it every day? That's the motivation I didn't know I needed. It's not just a book; it's a journey back to myself.

— LaKeisha S., Atlanta, GA

Queen Of Procrastination

Listen, I was the queen of procrastination. But the Luxe Vision Board Book? It held me accountable. It's like having a personal coach guiding you back on track. My ideas, plans, life goals – they're not just thoughts anymore; they're plans in action. If you need that push, that visual kick, this is it. Thank me later!" — Brianna W., Detroit, MI

— Brianna W., Detroit, MI

What's Inside Your Kit?

💕 Lovet Vision Board Book:

(1) Guided Vision Board Book LUXE EDITION (Hardcover): One SpiralBound HARDCOVER Book, 60 Full-Color pages, 12 premium dividers for each stage of the process, Premium rose gold metal spiral, inside, journaling pages and space for vision boards.

💕 Lovet Vision Board Graphics Book:
(1) Vision Board Graphics Book: One 11 X 8.5" bound notebook with glossy softcover and back cover. 48 pages inside: motivational quotes, graphics, art prints, bank of the universe checks, sample vision board and more!

💕 Lovet Vision Board Starter Guide:
Comprehensive Step-by-Step Tutorial for the Lovet Planners Ultimate Life Designer Kit - Unlock Creativity, Organize Categories, and Discover Endless Vision Board Ideas and more!

Lovet Planners VS. Others

We're all about creating the Ultimate Life Designer Kit that's a total game-changer. No half-measures, just epic quality that's leagues beyond the rest. It's not just cool, it's your go-to powerhouse for chasing those wild dreams!


Real, Lasting Change

No real changes

VIP Dreamer's Community

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Therapist Approved

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Guided + Easy To Follow

Unguided and confusing

Start Anytime

Dated, forced start date

Create The Life You Deserve!

Another wasted book

Dream Bold, Live Bold: Your Time Is Now

Slay Your Dreams, Queen
With our Ultimate Life Designer Kit, push past the noise, and let your dreams take center stage. 

Make Those Dreams Pop
Ever felt your aspirations were just doodles in the margin? Or that your goals were drifting?

Dive into Our Vision Board Book
Crafted with 60 pages of pure magic, this isn't just about setting goals—it's about owning them. It's time to turn those "one day" dreams into "today" realities. Step into your power and let the world see your shine.

*Limited Time*  FREE Vision Board Course