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Vision Board Book LUXE [COSMIC]

Vision Board Book LUXE [COSMIC]

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Dump the giant posters and boring notebooks and make a vision board book that speaks directly to YOU!

Our Vision Board Book is made so that you can take your dreams and goals with you on the go. Most importantly, keep your visions PRIVATE so they can manifest without negative energy.

Vision Board Book LUXE [COSMIC] 

✨ Compact and Private: No more public displays. Keep your dreams and visions private, shielding them from negative energies.

 Integrated Vision Boards: Within the book itself, create vision boards tailored to each aspect of your life (10 Life Categories with luxe dividers Included!)

✨ Categorized Dreams: From Love to Career, from Health to Spirituality, delve into distinct sections dedicated to every facet of your life.

✨ Journaling with Intention: On the first page of each section, journal as if your dreams have already materialized. This is the secret sauce to manifestation!

✨ Gratitude Rituals: Infuse your journey with positivity through dedicated gratitude exercises, drawing you closer to your aspirations.

What's Inside?

💕 Room to Dream: A4 (8.27 x 11.69 inches) Sizing Offering more room for your expansive visions and dreams.

💕 Inspiration on Every Page: 60+ Full-Color Pages, 12 tabbed dividers with journaling and vision board pages. Vibrant and detailed, providing ample space for your aspirations.

💕 Elegant and Durable: Matte Premium Hard Cover + Luxe rose gold metal spiral. A touch of elegance combined with durability for a lasting experience.

***Need affirmations, graphics and bank of the universe checks? Then you'll want to grab THIS book as well.

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