Why You're Overwhelmed & What You Can Do About It

How much time do you spend listening to your mind, body, and soul? And how much time do you practice self-care now that we’re living in the middle of a pandemic? These are questions we don’t ask ourselves often but we really should start, because even before the pandemic, the feeling of being overwhelmed was still common.

Figuring out exactly what is making you feel overwhelmed is a completely different path most don’t walk on, so we’ve rounded up some input from our Lovet Planners team - with solutions - that you can apply to your daily lifestyle!

Here’s Why You’re Overwhelmed 
& What You Can Do About It

Your Time Management Could Use Some Work

When you don’t manage your time the right way (for you), you’re not prepared for things that may pop up along the way. Take this for example: Say you have a project that you need to work on this upcoming Monday and Tuesday. You usually go through your emails over the weekend, but decide that you’re going to wait until Monday. Monday comes around and not only do you have heaps of unread emails to sort through, but in your inbox are two emails from clients that need assistance ASAP. This unexpected task causes you to push off your project until later in the day, so you really now only have less than a day and a half to work on it. 

Here’s what we recommend: Use the Lovet Weekly Planner to better manage your time during the week and go for the Project Planner to better handle your project deadlines!

You Need the Bare Necessities of Life...in Your Life

Remember how we were talking about listening to your mind, body, and soul? We really mean it. If you’re not getting enough water, sleep, and nutrition, your body will take a negative blow and it’ll eventually affect your mind and soul. When your body is off-balance, expect everything else to be off-balance soon after.

Here’s what we recommend: Inside the Lovet Weekly Planner are “Habit Tracker” pages. Introduce a new healthy habit to work on each month (e.g. drink # glasses of water each day) and reward yourself for completing the full month.

You Could Afford to Say “No” More to People

Whenever we say “no” to people, we automatically feel guilty. They might be asking for you to collaborate on something, step in to give advice on their big project, or simply planning to meet up. You don’t have to say yes every time an opportunity of some sort is presented to you. When you say “no”, disappointing others is the least of your worries because you gift yourself…

  • Time to rest and recoup
  • Time to work on what you need to get done
  • Time to plan your free time so that you feel comfortable saying yes to the next thing

Here’s what we recommend: Allow yourself to reset. When others want to make plans with you, tell them that you appreciate it but things are a little stacked and you’d like to have more time and bandwidth for whatever it is before you can say yes. Honesty is always appreciated.

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