Why You Should Have a Vision Board in 2020

Have you thought of putting a vision board together? Growing up - or even now - you might remember scrapbooking or putting collages together in school. Vision boards are kind of similar in that regard, but it’s so different in your adult years. 

Vision boards are perfect for those individuals who want to get sh*t done, have goals in mind, dreams even, and more. It’s really your safe space to put together everything you’ve bottled up in your soul into one beautiful piece that helps you visualize the attainable as your future reality. 

We’re not going to knock anyone who uses Pinterest. Let’s be real. We’re on there too! But there’s something so unique and inspiring about sitting with different materials before you to create your own masterpiece in the form of a vision board. It requires more thought and attention to detail, and gives you the opportunity to really meditate on what you want.

This is why we created the Vision Board Planner.

The Vision Board Planner is the latest addition to to the shop and is the brainchild of our CEO & Founder. She too, is a firm believer in vision board practices. Let’s take a closer look at what you can find inside!


Add some word flair to your vision assembly using these numerous pages filled with positive words you can cut out and arrange with other pictures, magazine cutouts, etc.


This is a level up to the standard quote cut-out pages available. Each quote image cut-out was designed by Lovet Planners for more character to harmonize with the vision you have in mind for yourself.


This is a unique spin on paying it forward. When you’re working towards your goals and dreams, you have to make the life payments along the way. We’re not talking about literal finances but instead the intangible payments (i.e. heart and soul) but how you use these blank checks in your vision boards is at your creative discretion!



There are a number of blank pages you can use to assemble your vision boards and some of those pages are labeled to pertain to different areas of life! Typically, vision boards are created as a stand-alone board, but with the Vision Board Planner, you can carry your visions with you wherever you go; whenever you need your inspiration as fuel power.

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