Why is Lovet Planners raising prices?

Did you sleep on this Lovet update? The news is sweeping the Lovet Planners community and social media, and it’s something we’ve been trying to fight off for a few years now: Lovet Planners prices are going up. 

Effective March 21, 2022, Lovet Planners line of planners and journals–excluding digital downloads–will experience a price increase.

These changes come with good reasoning for you and your experience.

“Why increase the price?” 

We know it’s not dazzling news, but in order for Lovet Planners to keep our fabulous planners up to standard, we had to make moves like many others in this industry. Numerous companies like ours are impacted worldwide by the rising costs of materials, labor, transportation, and other supply chain factors.

If we were to keep the Lovet Planners prices as they are now, the quality of materials would be downgraded. And nobody wants flimsy planners and journals.

Lovet Planners is proud to offer our line of stylish planners and journals designed to nurture you on your wellness goals and more. In order to maintain that, we had to accept the cost of materials for our product went up and that we, too, would need to bump the price. 

“How much is it going to cost?”

You’ll find that the Lovet Planners will have roughly a $2 to 4 increase on retail value. That means our Self Care Planner, for example, (originally $27) will be $29.95 and you'll see similar increases for our other products.

Again, we've done our best to avoid price increases for as long as we can. But in the spirit of transparency, we’re committed to informing you whenever we face a change like this.

“Is the product changing?”

Not at all! You’ll still enjoy the same Lovet Planners products that you know and love. Again, this price increase is to sustain everything that’s happening at Lovet Planners while helping our team create and improve upon your Lovet experience.

Need some Lovet highlights to help you decide? Here are the latest.

Tatiana S. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

By far the best self care planner for I have come by. With so many positive and encouraging pages to go through it really makes you put yourself first! 💕

We look forward to creating more experiences with you!

And wishing you an abundance of all good things as you progress on your personal journeys.

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