What's The Vision Board Book Made Of?

Have you ever had the feeling that your vision board wasn’t enough? 

Like something is missing and you can’t figure out what it is. So how do you make sure you’ve got everything together to make a vision board that works?

We’re about to blow your mind.

It’s been an exciting year so far for Lovet Planners. One of the big reasons is the release of the 2-piece Manifest Bundle. It includes…

  • The Vision Board Book - A spiralbound vision board keeper where you can create your vision boards and journal about the vision in one place.
  • The Vision Board Graphics Book - This book contains inspirational, meaningful cutouts for vision boards. You can use these cutouts to create your vision board inside The Vision Board Book.

You probably have a lot of questions about this, so we’re here to share Part One of our breakdown of the Manifest Bundle… Let’s start with the Vision Board Book!

What To Know About The Vision Board Book

Q: How is the Vision Board Book supposed to be used?

A: The Vision Board Book is meant to cover your life when other vision board products put vision boards on a monthly or yearly schedule. You create a vision board for each area of your life and use the book as a journal. Most people are used to making one vision board for a long-term goal, but the Vision Board Book is a life designer.

Whether it’s your interest in your career life, your family life, self care life, etc. there’s a vision board page in the book for that!

Q: The pages are thinner than a poster board… Is it a vision board if it’s not on a poster board?

A: Visions and intentions can take on any form. When it comes to the Vision Board Book, you can expect the page stock to be thinner than poster boards. Why? 

As you add pictures and cutouts to the vision pages, the Vision Board Book will grow in thickness. The page type allows you to create more vision boards. 

Q: The colors are nice, but could they be more colorful?

A: When we approach the design of a new product, there are several factors we keep in mind:

  • Does the design add stress?
  • Is it too distracting?

We aim to make our planners and journals in a way that works for everyone, being mindful that some of these factors can be anxiety-inducing to users. Additionally, the colors printed allows the user to design their way.

Q: What’s the difference between the Vision Board Book and the Vision Board Planner?

A: There’s a HUGE difference between the two. Yes - both are spiralbound vision board keepers, but the Vision Board Planner gives structure for 365 days. Think of it as the Manifest Bundle LITE, because it includes some but not all of the cutouts in the back.

The Vision Board Book focuses on different areas of your life to work on in the long term. You’re not creating a monthly vision board as the planner does.

I absolutely adore my vision board kit! It helps me see my goals and dreams in front of my eyes! This kit made it a lot easier and a more organized experience to build my vision board.”

- Annie R.

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