What Should Be on a 2022 Vision Board?

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You may be wondering what the craze has been with vision boards the past few years. Maybe you’ve dipped your feet in or maybe you're just vision board curious. Either way, as we approach the end of the year, it’s the perfect time to start thinking about this helpful tool to really get the most out of heading into 2022.

Before we get started, though, it’s always helpful to go over the basics. What is a vision board and why is it useful?

What is a vision board?

Everyone’s brains are different. Some people learn best by reading instructions while some are more hands on. A surprisingly large amount of people need to see things to really absorb the information. According to the Social Science Research Network, 65 percent of people on average are what is known as “visual learners.”

A vision board uses the strength of both visual learning and working hands-on to help us focus on our ideas and goals.

It starts with a blank piece of paper, poster board, or even blank digital document. Then it’s filled with pictures, words, phrases, and anything else that inspires you toward a certain goal or idea.

Creating the vision board, of course, is just the first half of how it helps bring you closer to your goals. It’s important to place your vision board somewhere it will be constantly visible. It should remind you what you set out to accomplish and to stay on track. It helps us to act and make choices with intentionality, and it won’t get lost in a pile or tucked away in a drawer.

‘Visualization’ is the practice of imagining your goals and seeing yourself achieve them. It has been used by heavy hitters in entertainment, business, and sports for many years. Muhammad Ali even famously said, “If my mind can conceive it and my heart can believe it - then I can achieve it.” 

Vision boards are a way for all of us to let our hearts believe what our minds conceive! It helps create a view of our ideal future in a tangible way. Then it serves as our partner in our journey to get there.


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How to make a vision board

While vision boards are powerful tools, let’s be honest they’re also fun to make! We have the opportunity to get our crafting on in a way that feels very empowering. What’s not to love?

So what are the things someone would need to start bringing their vision board to life?

There is a fair amount of flexibility in what form a vision board takes. Whether you bust out the poster boards, arrange cut outs nearly into a frame, or drag and drop images onto a virtual canvas, the choice is really yours. 

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that for the board to work well, you will want to make sure it is somewhere you see it often. So if you do craft it virtually perhaps make it your desktop background. If you build it fully into a planner make sure to build a habit around looking at it once a day.

The Steps

  • When getting started, you want to think about your intention. What is your vision for yourself? What do you want the next year to look like? What are your goals? Plans? Dreams? 
  • Then lay out whichever base you will be using. Look for and cut out the pieces you’ll be adding. Many times magazines are a great place to look. Old books can be a great resource, too! The internet can be a wonderful source of images as well as quotes, sayings, and more. 
  • Once you have a good collection of things, think about your goals and dreams. (Don’t worry if that seems like a big step, we’re going to help in the next section!)

    Arrange your pieces by what matters most to you. Feel free to also write additional quotes, words, even doodles and sketches with a marker, pen, whatever brings you joy.
  • Place the finished vision board somewhere prominent, such as near your desk monitor or a nightstand, so that you will see it often!


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Things to Include on Your 2022 Vision Board

Now that you’re a vision board pro, it’s time to think about what the best things to include will be as we enter the new year.

What are your greatest hits of 2021? 

Take a moment to think back over the past year. What sorts of things happened in your life? 

Think about areas that you succeeded: maybe you got a new job or started exercising. What are some ways that you can improve in those areas? What might be a goal for this new job? What might be an exercising milestone you’d like to hit?

Those would all be excellent things to include on your 2022 vision board!

What wasn’t so hot in 2021?

Now that you’ve thought about the awesome, take a moment to think about the less-than-great.

What is a goal you may have set for yourself last year and didn’t reach? What’s something that came up that was hard to deal with?

Think about tangible steps and planned actions that could help your goal next year. Make sure to focus on emotions, though. For example, if a goal was to clean your basement and by December it’s still untouched, try including inspirational images of what you could do in that space once it’s clean.

If you went through something really challenging, think of ways you could plan to care for yourself in this upcoming year.

Consider your next major goal

With a new year comes new resolutions but also moving onto new goals! Think about what your next big goal is and what that might entail. Do you want to live a healthier lifestyle? Earn more money? Spend more time creatively? 

Think about what your personal goal is. What goes into making it happen? How does it make you feel? How will accomplishing it make you feel? Find images and quotes to support that.

Select what you want to include!

Now that you’ve thought over these major areas and picked things that support your goals, you’ll want to choose what you put on your vision board and where. 

Which of of your choices really inspire you the most? Which move you emotionally? Which are the most important? Think about letting these take up more space on the board.

Once you have curated your vision, glue/tape/drag and drop them onto the board. Then get ready to take on 2022!


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You can always jumpstart next year’s vision board with a planner that will get you set up for success! Check it out and let us know what you want your 2022 to look like!


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This is an amazing guide and informational. The last two years have been a hard ride just trying to stay sane. You are the light the world needs.

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