What Is Lovet Club? A Preview of Lovet Planners's New Facebook Group

UPDATE 9/30/2021: The Facebook Group is open! Join at this link.

What if there was a place where everyone who has a planner from Lovet Planners can meet together with common interests in wellness, self care, and goal-getting? 

What If?

That’s going to be a question of the past in the near future, because Lovet Planners is bringing you a new community group that you can join on Facebook. Allow us to introduce you to Lovet Club.

It’s no secret that our Instagram profile is where our community is most active. You engage with our affirmation posts, share positive messages with each other, and some of the most heartwarming moments have come from interacting with one another there. 

We’re ready to take it to the next level but without Instagram’s algorithm. Let’s be real. It’s preventing us from getting to know you! With the Lovet Club Facebook group, you can turn on notifications to receive alerts from Lovet Club, and you’ll actually see things on your feed when they’re most relevant!

Not like… 5 days later, or never. Right, Instagram?

Who can join Lovet Club?

There are two things you will need in order to join the Lovet Club: 1) a Facebook profile and 2) your Lovet Planners order number. While this group is inclusive at its core, the exclusiveness of this group being restricted to Lovet Planners customers is all because our team wants to create this experience for you.

Facebook has millions of members and while we’d like to open the doors to everyone, we do want to make sure that the space is well-moderated and safe for you. Think of us as the guardians of your online peace in this regard.

How do I join Lovet Club?

If you’re reading this blog post before September 30, 2021, the group hasn’t opened quite yet! Email subscribers will receive an invitation to join the group if they have placed an order with us before, but you can also join our Facebook event to get a social alert when the grand opening is near!

Save the Date! September 30, 2021

What can I expect from being a member of the Lovet Club?

Instead of writing a full essay on what the Lovet Club is all about, here are the positive benefits for you being a part of the Lovet Club:

  1. You have a new safe space to be a part of. 
  2. We, Team Lovet, as your admins and moderators of the group, will make sure that no shenanigans disrupt your peace. Upon joining the group, members will be required to read and agree to the rules of the group.
  3. You have a backup if you need emotional support. Not sure where to speak on something that’s bothering you? Let’s talk about it. Just remember to add trigger warnings!
  4. Need to boost your confidence? We’ve got you! We’ll be sharing affirmations, positive posts, and more.
  5. Self love and your goals and dreams are the topic of this group! Expect to feel the love and inspiration.
  6. Digital freebies! You were waiting for this. There will be perks to joining this group like having access to unique discount codes and more.
  7. You get to hang out with us! :) It’s more intimate in Facebook groups. 

Save the Date! September 30, 2021

Want to get early access? Before September 30th?

Make sure you’re subscribed to our text/SMS list. Subscribers on this list will receive a link to join in advance of everyone else! Yup. That's right. Get in the group on September 28th instead by subscribing to our texts at this link!

We look forward to building this community with you!

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