What do you get someone who likes self care?

With so many gifting options, are you making the right call on gifts for your friends and family who like self care?

Who are we talking about?

You know… your friends and family members who are stressed out what feels like every day. Or those in your circle who are pro text your friends and cancel for the night because the day was too much; the friends who need or thrive best with self care at their use.

When you’re gift shopping for those who are prone to stress, there’s a real plus to surprising them with a gift that relates to their stress-relief. When you’re gift shopping for a self care lover like yourself, you want to either give them space to indulge in their self care or give them the tools to indulge in their self care their way.

In this blog post, we share with you the essential giftable items for someone who likes self care!

Best Self Care Gifts For 2022

Inspirational Coloring Book

What do coloring books have in common with self care? The process of coloring can be therapeutic for adults. Cleveland Clinic reported on the benefits of coloring on the adult mind. 

Clinical psychologist Scott M. Bea, PsyD at Cleveland Clinic explained that coloring books are beneficial for adults because it emphasizes refocusing attention. Cleveland Clinic quoted Bea, “Adult coloring requires modest attention focused outside of self-awareness. It’s a simple activity that takes us outside ourselves in the same way, cutting the lawn, knitting or taking a Sunday drive can all be relaxing.”

An intriguing benefit they highlight is that coloring books present a space for the colorist to let their guard down. There are low stakes involved with coloring books which makes it a better playing field for relaxing yourself.

This is why the Inspirational Coloring Book by Lovet Planners is recommended as one of the best self care gifts for 2022. Not only does it provide the coloring pages to encourage the therapeutic practice, but the coloring page designs are uplifting, healing, and motivating!

100-Day Positive Thinking Journal

Without bridging into toxic positivity, you can practice positive thinking. So can your friends with the 100-Day Positive Thinking Journal. The power of thinking is steeped in self care. Why?

According to Hopkins Medicine, “Researchers suspect that people who are more positive may be better protected against the inflammatory damage of stress. Another possibility is that hope and positivity help people make better health and life decisions and focus more on long-term goals. Studies also find that negative emotions can weaken immune response.”

By gifting the Positive Thinking Journal by Lovet Planners, your gift recipients can lean into self care through the act of journaling and with guided positivity prompts. 

Self Care Planner

This is the GOAT (greatest of all time) gift for any self care lover or anyone in your life who could use a little help with taking care of themselves. Gifting the Self Care Planner is another way of expressing that you care for the person and want them to care for themselves just as much, if not more.

Mindful.org even touches on why self care plans are necessary, noting that self care should be looked at as a preventative measure of your own choosing rather than just for the burnout days. So when you gift the Self Care Planner, you’re giving the gift recipient an outline and opportunity to roadmap their self care plan.

Having a roadmap for self care helps stay on course, and with the consistency, the wellness benefits will emerge.

The Self Care Planner is the #1 Favorite of the Lovet Planners community, and it’s about to be your next gift recipient’s favorite, too. 

You can find three cover options available on our site if they have a specific style or taste in designs. 

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