Vlogger Katie Musser Reviews the Instagram Planner

2019 is so last year. Yup. 2020 is here and there’s so much to do already!

In celebration of closing the door on another chapter, we’re looking back at 2019’s most coveted of planners from the Shop Lovet Agency line: the Instagram Planner. If you’re new to Shop Lovet Agency, it’s not what you think. We’re all familiar with digital planning and spreadsheets, but not everyone is wired that way. Whatever happened to rough drafts on paper before you get to the real thing anyway? 

When the Instagram Planner entered our lives, we were ecstatic. Spiral-bound but not bound to digital devices. That’s the world we miss and it’s really convenient to have everything in one book that doesn’t require app updates, software downloads, all that stuff. Not that we don’t use those, but it’s just really convenient to have different spots to refer to your content.

The Instagram Planner allows you to plan out stories and posts for 12 months. You can even plan out your story highlights so that things are cohesive and serve a purpose on your profile. It seems to be working out great for YouTube vlogger Katie Musser who, in her latest video upload, reviewed the Instagram Planner for us!

Check it out!

What did ya think? She’s fabulous! At 21 years old, Katie Musser is killing it with her YouTube content as well as her Instagram content. She uploads videos two to three times a week and focuses on wellness, lifestyle, and more. With the range of topics she covers, she can plan out the hashtags she’ll use for each post type when she promotes her videos on her Instagram, plan when to create and when to publish the posts! 

If we’re going into this new year with a plan, it’s to be more like Katie and have a plan for social media. Oh! And in case you missed it, check out the ultimate essentials list for 2020 for any Instagrammer. You’ll thank us later.
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