Trailblazing with the Blog Planner | An Exclusive Interview with Brittany Ray

Hailing from Michigan, USA, Brittany Ray - AKA Bedazzled Britt - lives it up not only as a fashion designer, but also a fashion, food, and lifestyle blogger! One visit to her Instagram profile and you see this glowing boss babe living her best life. But things only got better for the blog side of things when she was introduced to the Blog Planner from Shop Lovet Agency.

We connected for a special collaboration, and after giving some time to use the planner, we checked in with Brittany to see how things were going! What you’re about to read is a 100% authentic response to the Blog Planner and you’re gonna LOVET.

LOVET INSIDER: Tell us about the origins of your profile.  

Brittany: I discovered blogging back in college, while I was pursuing a BFA in Fashion Design & Visual Merchandising. Bloggers were these fabulous people who were able to do everything that I was passionate about: fashion, photography, travel, beauty, etc. I was so inspired that I hired my sister Emily as my full-time photographer and partner, and embarked on a journey of blogging. We created our fashion and lifestyle blog, Bedazzled Britt, and since then have worked with over 100 local and international brands, and have covered over 50 events over the past 4.5 years!

LOVET INSIDER: How would you describe social media and the opportunities it presents?  

Brittany: To me, social media started off as a way to build my skills and outreach before launching my first fashion line. Social media is a wonderful way to build your skills before building a brand. It has helped me to learn photography, editing, writing, cohesive branding, styling, and communicating with clients and other brands. It presents opportunities to meet like-minded people, connect with companies and brands, and be inspired to grow and learn the world of social media and online marketing.

LOVET INSIDER: How has your blog and social media profiles evolved since you first started (look, content, etc)?  

Brittany: I started off with only fashion, and have slowly branched out into other topics like food, fitness, health, travel, and technology. Not only that, but I was so nervous to model, wear something too outrageous, or even put myself out there. Over the years, you can see how I've gained confidence in who I am and what I do! 

LOVET INSIDER: How has the Blog Planner helped you and what features do you love about it?  

Brittany: The Blog Planner has been a big motivator to write blogs more often, and to keep a consistent schedule. I love the "Post Promotion" feature that helps me keep track of the other outlets the post needs to be seen on! 


LOVET INSIDER: What was content posting like prior to the Blog Planner?  

Brittany: Before the Blog Planner it was more difficult to keep track of my posting schedule, and to remember the details I needed to include in each post. I used to go back and forth between the blog and checking emails for the points I had to add. Now it's all in one place, cutting my time spent blogging completely in half! 

LOVET INSIDER: What's your quote to live by? 

Brittany: The quote that I live by is "Trust the Universe". To me, it's a way of releasing stress caused by worry or negativity. It reminds me to trust that there is a higher power silently working to help you live the life of your dreams. 

A huge thank you to Brittany for sharing her experience with us at Shop Lovet Agency! Follow Brittany on Instagram at @katiesfashionromance and don’t forget to check out the Blog Planner by CLICKING HERE

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