Top 5 Best Self Love Tools of 2022

“I just want to love myself but I don’t know where to start.”

Be honest with yourself. Does that sound like you? Something in your gut is telling you that there’s room for improvement when it comes to self love. The more you ignore it, the more you’re setting yourself up for ‘bad’ days.

You feel it eating away at your mental and emotional wellness; sometimes even impacting your physical wellness. So you turn to tools and techniques to work against the fatigue and anguish from daily stressors.

Hold onto your seat because we’re going to drop a truth for you: You have everything you need within you. You just don’t know where to start.

We’re here to help you take your first steps in the right direction to feel things out and get your own sealegs for self love. Here are our Top 5 Best Self Love Tools of 2022 that you don’t want to sleep on.

1. Gratitude Journal

In our opinion, this is where it begins. At the end of the day, when you’re winding down, there’s nothing quite like taking solace in what you’re grateful for. How do you accomplish this? By opening your Gratitude Journal to the page entry you wrote that morning. 

The Gratitude Journal is a 100-day journaling experience that gives you the minimal structure needed to make this easy and effortless for you.

“The book is so well made. I love the quotes and also found that the questions are easy to answer but allows me to really have some deep thoughts!”

- Catherine A.


2. Self Care Planner

This planner is what Lovet Planners is known most for! It’s a BFF in a book. The Self Care Planner follows the One Thing A Day structure and not only gives you the space to plan your daily self care, but it encourages you to get to know yourself and love yourself deeply. It has weekly reflections, a self care ideas bank, affirmations, and more.

“I am absolutely in love w my planners. I started the year off with another and it was beyond complicated to even start. I found this one on social media and I love that I can dig deep but don’t feel overwhelmed or like I am pushed/pressured to do so. It’s simple and easy and that is exactly what I need in my life. These journals have made me feel so much better in general. Cheers to a simpler year ahead w my newfound love for journaling. Thanks, Lovet. 💛”

- Amy M.


3. Self Love Spark *NEW*

The newest hot release from Lovet Planners, the Self Love Spark takes self love journaling to another level. While low-stress like the preceding products, the Self Love Spark goes deeper into self love in three sections: Your Past, Your Present, Your Future. 

It’s about accepting yourself more wholeheartedly.


4. Positive Thinking Journal

What does this journal have to do with self love? Firstly, this journal is a vibe shifter to make more room for positive thinking. But the reason why this Positive Thinking Journal from Lovet Planners makes it into the Top 5 for Lovet Planners? You get to celebrate your wins every step of the way. Be your own ‘hypeteer’. 

“I just finished day 75 & honestly, this journal has truly changed my mindset from depression to positive thinking. The writing exercises are really thought provoking and make you see things from a different perspective. 💖 It used to be so hard for me to focus on journaling but this journal really helped me a lot with that and my depression. Definitely recommend. It used to be so hard for me to focus on journaling but this journal really helped me a lot with that and my depression. Definitely recommend.” 

- Stefanie


5. Self Love Wall Kit

They say that the rooms and spaces you spend the most time in have the heaviest influence on your mental and emotional wellness. Use the Self Love Wall Kit to create your space to be uplifting and affirming with words of self love. 

The wall kit has been more helpful than you’d ever know. I have needed to keep my head up while doing medical school through a pandemic and it can be hard sometimes. I love your products!”

- Denishia W.


Put these tools into your Self Love Toolkit and embrace yourself fully. And join the Lovet Club to get more tips and tricks in self love.

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