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Branding and social media. The two can be combined, and with The Social Brand blog series at Lovet Planners, we’ll show you how our brand clients we’ve worked with through LOVET AGENCY apply their branding - or visual identity - to their social media profiles. It all starts with our brand services package which includes a brand style guide which is one PDF that covers all the details that go into their branding, or visual identity. That includes color palettes, fonts, textures, etc.

For this edition of The Social Brand, we’re taking a look at our client Pole Sport Organization (PSO)’s branding images and sharing how they’ve applied their branding to their social media pages! 

Before we begin, a little bit of context! Pole Sport Organization is the largest professional and amateur pole fitness event series, encouraging healthy competition and growth in this fitness art form. 

Now… on to the branding visuals!

When you look at their visuals, it’s easy to draw the following:

  • Their color palette is white, black, and metallic gold
  • Clean, easy to read primary font
  • Subtle imagery that complements the brand’s market

That subtle imagery we just mentioned? Take a look at the logo and spot the vertical line that joins in with the lettering for “PSO”. LOVET AGENCY wanted to fuse pole sport fitness into the branding visuals so the vertical line is a representation of a pole. 

The combination of all of these things makes up Pole Sport Organization’s unique visual identity, and after you get your visual identity (or branding) established, it’s time to make that visual identity more known to others; all starting with social media profiles!

PSO Facebook Page & PSO Instagram Page

Take a look at the above screenshots of their Facebook and Instagram pages. What’s the first thing you notice about the two of them? The color, right? Even though the logo looks different, it’s just a variation that still follows a brand style. Again, their color palette is white, black, and metallic gold and when we created these brand design variations, the primary and secondary colors (white and black) were switched. 

For Pole Sport Organization’s story highlights, they’ve opted to continue using black as the background to their metallic gold brand style which ties their branding together. Pro-tip: If you feel like your Instagram profile isn’t cohesive, start with your profile picture and your story highlights with some guidance from the Brand Your Instagram digital download!

Story highlights aside, the posts you share on your social media pages benefit from continued branding visual use. We absolutely love what Pole Sport Organization did with their Northeast Boston 2019 graphic. It mirrors their logo and the color palette chosen for Pole Sport Organization meshes very well with photos from competition events. You know how they came up with that? Their brand style guide!

If you don’t have a brand style guide available for your brand visuals, no worries! To get a running start on your social media branding, we recommend checking out the digital downloads section of our site. 

What challenges are you facing with your social media profiles? Be sure to leave us a comment on Instagram or tweet us your questions! Who knows? We might address it in the next post of our new The Social Brand blog series!

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