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What is The Social Brand? To recap, Lovet Planners was founded in addition to LOVET AGENCY which is a boutique brand and web design agency based out of Los Angeles. Through services, we help bloggers and business owners actualize the soul of their brands (personal or professional) so that they can slay the game online.

Through The Social Brand blog series, you’ll see firsthand how our brand package offers a brand style guide that helps our clients apply their new aesthetics to different areas of their brand including social media. For The Social Brand #1, we walked you through just this with our client Daniella C. who is a lifestyle and fitness coach with an edgy aesthetic.

View The Social Brand #1 | Daniella C.

Next, we’re going through the branding and social media application of that branding for our client Melanj Hair. This is great for those of you starting businesses and needing an idea of how to go about your social media!

Melanj Hair is a company that offers premium, natural extensions to match textured hair. This is a beauty emphasis contrasting the fitness emphasis of our first blog post for The Social Brand series. 

PRO-TIP: When you’re a business like Melanj Hair, it’s really important for there to be consistency with colors and other visuals (fonts, images, etc). This allows audiences to develop an association of the look with your business at a glance just like green and white and a mermaid image is quickly associated with Starbucks.

After we, at LOVET AGENCY, established the brand design and concept for Melanj Hair, their team was provided a brand style guide and quote graphic templates that can be used online. Take a look at how the colors are translated into social media graphics. 

Melanj Hair’s social media team developed a healthy balance of visuals. Notice how the following can easily be observed with this balance:

  • Quotes that inspire
  • Quick understanding the business is part of a beauty market
  • Branding established through closeup of packaging and presentation

This balance contrasts Daniella C’s, who in our first Social Brand blog post, utilizes a quote graphic for every other post. 

If you need a little bit of guidance, we have some top recommendations for you to get on track with your Instagram just as Melanj Hair did. 

  1. Check out the Brand Your Instagram digital download. It will help you come up with a color scheme for your Instagram profile so that you can level up your content curation and creation and have a profile that attracts more followers.
  2. Pull from the Instagram Quote Bank. This digital download offers pages and pages of engaging and share-worthy quotes you can use in graphics you want to create for your Instagram.

What challenges are you facing with your Instagram? Be sure to leave us a comment on Instagram or tweet us your questions! Who knows? We might address it in the next post of our new The Social Brand blog series!

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