The Perfect Match: Instagram Planner & Content Calendar 2020 Download

When we brainstorm downloads and products, our goal is always, always, always to save more time and minimize the stress that comes with working towards your goals. We’ve walked you through both the Instagram Planner and the Content Calendar, but have you thought know, combining the powers of the two of them? It’s magical.

A brief refresher: When you’re planning social media content, give yourself a month head start or 2 weeks at least. This will give you some padding in case something comes up and you need to reschedule content creation days or posting days.


  1. Print out your Content Calendar and open up your Instagram Planner if you haven’t already.
  2. Prepare your Week At A Glance view inside the Instagram Planner (fill in the dates, etc).
  3. Scan through the month you’re planning on the Content Calendar download.
  4. When you spot ideas you like, mark it on the Content Calendar as a way to note you’re doing the thing
  5. Transfer that prompt to the Instagram Planner and add notes.
  6. Check off when the post content is created and published using the designated spaces.

It’s cake, really! The next few weeks are going to go by in the blink of an eye and you’ll need a running start when the new year arrives. 

Check out the Instagram Planner HERE and the Content Calendar HERE.

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