The Difference Between a Vision Board Planner and Vision Board Book

vision board planner and vision board book

Lovet Planners is manifesting big things so you, too, can manifest your dreams and goals. But there’s been some confusion about the difference between several of our products from the Manifesting Collection.

The Manifesting Collection contains a range of journals, planners, and tools ready to hype up your goals to completion. 

The stars of the Manifesting Collection? The Vision Board Kit and the Vision Board Planner.

What Are They?

The Vision Board Kit is a two-piece manifesting bundle. It includes the Vision Board Book and the Vision Board Graphics Book. The Vision Board Planner, on the other hand, is one spiral-bound book with a similar experience, but it's formatted for 12 months of vision boards and manifesting.

The Vision Board Kit 

This 2-piece vision board kit includes an 8.5 X 11-inch spiral-bound book broken down into categories for each area of your life. Love, Finances, Health, Family, Career, and more! 

On the left hand side, you'll journal as IF it's all already happened. Because the purpose of manifesting needs you to think and believe that it already happened or is on the way. Also filled with important journaling exercises to get you closer to your goals and dreams. 

The Vision Board Planner

Not to be confused with the Vision Board Book from the Vision Board Kit/bundle, the Vision Board Planner has 12 calendars, monthly tracking pages, a how-to guide, and more! 

Track what you manifest each day with a side-by-side (undated) calendar each month, set your intentions, and focus on all the good things coming your way. Each month also dedicates an entire page to your Vision Board. 

This 8.5-inch x 11 spiral softcover planner includes a sample vision board, instructions, intentions page, 12 side-by-side monthly calendar pages, a month at a glance, and vision board pages.

BONUS! Full–color printed pages of cutouts made just for vision boarding: 5 X 7 inspirational art print, manifestation checks, stylishly designed quotes, affirmations, graphics, dividers, and more!

Here is a side-by-side comparison of the two vision board options:

Manifesting book and planner side by side

Which One Should You Pick?

Manifesting methods like journaling and vision boarding are conductors of motivation because they keep your goals at the forefront of your mind.

That’s the driving power there.

But everyone has their manifesting style, so Lovet Planners stays on top of creating new tools and materials to keep things moving smoothly.

Choosing the Vision Board Kit

Why Pick the Vision Board Kit? You’d think one piece is better than two, but the Manifest Bundle gives you more room to work with. 

How? The Vision Board Book included has countless pages where you can create your vision boards based on a theme (Love, Family, Career, etc.) and expand on the intentions and vision through journaling. The Vision Board Kit's Vision Board Graphics Books provides more than enough cutouts because it’s a life designer. On the other hand, the Vision Board Planner only gives a supply for 12 months of vision boarding.

Overview of Steps with the Vision Board Kit:

  1. Pick a vision board theme you want to work on using the blank pages provided.
  2. Bring photos of yourself to use + cut out any graphics from the Vision Board Graphics Book that you want to include. 
  3. Write about your intentions on the journaling pages before or after making the vision board, depending on your preference.
  4. Spend time with your vision board daily and carry your Vision Board Book with you.

Choosing the Vision Board Planner

Why Pick the Vision Board Planner? The 12-Month Vision Board Planner is perfect for manifesting within 365 days of use. It’s undated, so there’s less pressure if you need to stop somewhere and pick up where you left off.

What sets this apart from the Manifest Bundle is that while you are creating vision boards, you’re focusing on the good that’s been manifested that month. 

How? The Vision Board Planner doesn’t have as many cutouts as the Manifest Bundle because it’s providing enough for 12 months only, whereas the Manifest Bundle is a life designer that could take more than a year to manifest.


Overview of Steps with the Vision Board Planner:

  1. Fill in the monthly calendars at least a week in advance of a new month.
  2. Set your manifesting goals for the month.
  3. Create a vision board for the month on the blank pages using the cutouts in the back of the planner.
  4. On the calendar, write down what you’ve manifested that day as the days go on.
  5. Spend time with your vision board daily and carry your Vision Board Planner with you.

"Best investment I ever made, I just got mine today and my vision board is soooo motivating!" 
-Jasmine, Lovet Planners Customer 

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