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The Difference Between a Vision Board Planner and Vision Board Book

You have incredible potential and you want to tap into that power so you turn to manifesting. There are so many manifesting methods to choose from.

The purpose of these methods? To draw the visions in your mind out of your head so you can study them, soak them up, and motivate yourself to reach your goals.

Some of these methods include journaling in your Manifesting Journal. Others might involve making a vision board with stunning graphics that represent your vision. These methods rely on your intentions. When you think a thought, you expand on neuro pathways that help you carry out a task or goal at hand.

Manifesting methods like journaling and vision boarding are conductors of motivation because they keep your goals at the forefront of your mind.

That’s the driving power there.

Manifesting as a concept takes your ambition and keeps it alive through memory. When you write things down or put things to paper, you’re more likely to achieve your goal or task at hand. 

Think of it like a workout: If you lift a certain weight every day for X amount of days, your muscles strengthen and retain that memory so you eventually move on to a heavier weight. But don’t expect to pick up a 200 lbs weight with one hand in a few days without the work. If you don’t spend time with it or remind yourself, your vision blurs and fades away.

That’s why vision boards make effective manifesting tools because they help prevent things from fading away. It’s your mental exercise. 

And at Lovet Planners, we are all about vision boards. So much that our Manifesting Collection is growing and if you’re familiar with the Vision Board Planner, you might be scratching your head about the newest arrival to the site: The Vision Board Book!

It’s literally a one-word difference between the two so we’re here to clear things up on what the Vision Board Book is and how it differs from the Vision Board Planner.

What You Should Know

The Vision Board Planner is for visuals only. The Vision Board Book is a hybrid of manifesting styles.

What you won’t get from the Vision Board Planner that you can find in the Vision Board Book is the ability to reflect and write about your vision board creations. For each vision board you make in your Vision Board Book, there’s a page that accompanies it where you put your vision board details to writing. Expand on your intentions and visions!

It’s a great way to seal the process.

The Vision Board Book gives you a Point A so you know where to start.

Inside the Vision Board Planner is space for you to create vision boards just like in the Vision Board Book but the Vision Board Book is a great starting point for a lightly guided experience. 

Not sure what to vision board? Most vision boards are used to design careers and weddings, but you can use them to design and manifest different areas of your life. So the Vision Board Book gives you dedicated spaces for each facet of your life (love, career, education, etc).

The Vision Board Book is part of the Manifesting Kit.

Again, the Vision Board Planner is a more visual path for the Manifesting Collection. The Manifesting Kit that includes the Vision Board Book, however, gives you the best of both worlds. If you’re more visual and not a writer, the Vision Board Planner is perfect. Go for the Manifesting Kit, containing the Vision Board Book and Vision Board Graphics Book, to make your vision boards and be able to journal deep in thought with them, too.

More about the products…

Vision Board Planner

Includes a sample vision board, instructions, intentions page, 5 X 7 inspirational art print, manifestation checks, pages of full-color cutouts with stylishly designed quotes, affirmations, graphics, dividers, and more!

"Best investment I ever made, I just got mine today and my vision board is soooo motivating!
-Jasmine, Lovet Planners Customer 

The Manifesting Kit

Vision Board Graphics: Full color pages with everything you could need to add to your Vision Board including:

  • Sample Vision Board
  • Stylized Quote Graphics
  • Descriptive Words
  • Empowering Affirmations
  • Empowering Statements
  • Blank: Bank of the Universe Checks

These vision board graphics are a great way to focus on the  future you want to see, not the one you currently have. 

Vision Board Book: Dump the giant posters and boring notebooks and make a vision board book that speaks directly to YOU!

Our Vision Board Book is made so that you can take your dreams and goals with you on the go. Most importantly, keep your visions PRIVATE so they can manifest without negative energy.

This 8.5 X 11 inch spiral bound book is broken down into categories for each area of your life. Love, Finances, Health, Family, Career and more! On the left hand side, you'll journal as IF it's all already happened (that's the key!). Also filled with important journaling exercises to get you closer to your goals and dreams. 

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