Lovet Planners Holiday 2020 Gift Guide

It’s that time of year! Wishlists are bulking up, budgeting is on the mind, and you’re looking for THE gift to put smiles on friends and family members’ faces. You’ve come to the right place. Most holiday gift guides just show you the product, the price point, and where to get it. Ours is a little different. Instead of just showing you the products and where to get it, we’re breaking things down based on lifestyle type so that gifting becomes more meaningful.

Let’s get to it! Here’s the...

Lovet Planners Holiday 2020 Gift Guide

Lifestyle: For the visually inspired!

Recommendation: Vision Board Planner

Price: $30

“Visually inspired” covers so much ground. You might have a friend who loves scrapbooking and capturing memories or you might have a family member working towards a goal with their nose in Pinterest boards. The Vision Board Planner is a great gift for anyone who is visually driven. It’s loaded with cutouts ranging from empowering words + phrases to Bank of the Universe Checks. If the recipient has never made a vision board before, the planner will guide them through it and they can even create their vision “board” on one of the blank pages in the back of the spiral bound planner. 

Lifestyle: For those who could be kinder to themselves!

Recommendation: Self-Care Planner

Price: $25

Self-care is a must. If you have a friend or family member that gets burnt out from the chaos of life - and especially in the year of 2020 - the Self-Care Planner can help remove some of that stress. It’s a planner that teaches you to make time for self-care everyday instead of waiting until both ends of the candle are burned out. The Self-Care Planner is a treat to anyone who receives it!

Lifestyle: For those who are always working on a huge project!

Recommendation: Project Planner

Price: $25

Tons of work projects, home renovations, etc. on your friend’s plate? All the details can get cloudy and wear on the brain over time. The Project Planner is designed specifically for managing and tracking projects that require more than one or two actions to complete. Project expenses and deadlines can also be tracked with the help of this nifty planner!

Lifestyle: For the social media savvy!

We have a number of planners available for those who create and post in the digital world. Here are a few that might be the right fit:

  • Instagram Planner ($25) - Plan and track the progress for stories and posts.
  • Social Media Planner ($25) - Similar to the Instagram Planner, this planner allows for multi-channel planning (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest).
  • YouTube Planner ($25) - Plan video content, track its progress, and plan video promotions.

Which of our planners are you gifting this year? Leave a comment below!

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