Project Planner: Changes Made to Increase Productivity

Sometimes we have larger projects we brainstorm or that fall into our laps. You can relate, right? Well, those same projects don’t exactly fit into the pages of a standard planner you can pick up nearby. The different layers of tasks that accumulate and are required to see a project through to 100% completion may need different amounts of attention. 

That’s how the Project Planner was born.

The Project Planner was one of the first planners to release at Shop Lovet Agency alongside the LOVET Planner, or weekly planner. We are always looking to make improvements though!

As we continued to use the original Project Planner from Shop Lovet ourselves, we noticed things we were marking off to the side that’d be more effective if there was a dedicated space for it. We went back to the creative board with the existing layout of the Project Planner and added more pages to enhance the project planning experience. 

So we’re excited to introduce to you the new and extra awesome version of the Project Planner. Take a look and see what’s new!

Each project section now has a page where you can lay out ideas for the project you’re about to tackle. This is a great page to help you keep the rest clean and kempt (i.e. avoiding scratching out tasks or ideas in a project that do not make the cut).

Note pages are great for consolidating all your thoughts and ideas in one space, but we wanted to dive into that more by giving separate tasks that make up a project more space to inhabit. So now, each project has blocks designed for each task in one project so that you can further expand to your heart’s desire! Our favorite part about the planner is that it’s not restricted to a specific time frame. You can operate weekly or monthly and so forth as needed!

We hope you LOVET as much as we do! You can check out the Project Planner on our site: Click Here. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you don’t miss out on more updates like this! Be the first to know!
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