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If you’ve been following along with our Instagram, you might’ve caught a glimpse of the new Website Planner that recently joined our Shop Lovet Agency lineup. But what’s inside

The Website Planner is an umbrella of what’s needed to launch a 100% completed website, so it has different sections ranging from informational to fillable worksheets. It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, educator, service-based business, or product-based business. The pages can be a guiding light to your new and beautiful website.

Here’s a walkthrough of some (not all) of the pages you’ll find!

#1 | The Website Planner covers branding basics.

You don’t have to hit the ground running without a look, or branding, that best represents what your site is all about. This is your website planning bible of informational pages and worksheets that check off different parts of branding your website. Expand on the tasks you need to complete, what it requires, and be on time for the launch!

#2 | Branding, what?

If we lost you at the word branding, you won’t feel in the dark with the brand glossary pages at your side. There’s an entire section of brand terms and definitions at the end of the planner that you can look back at if something is confusing in any of the previous pages.


#3 | A guide that covers what you should have on your site!

When we were in elementary school writing papers, our teachers gave us the structure to an essay. Each essay had an intro paragraph and a conclusion, and the bits in between that give the intro and conclusion context. In a way, this is similar to how The Website Planner maps things out. Not only that, but it’s broken down by site types (i.e. educator, blogger, etc).

#4 | Workspaces to develop your content and check off items needed.

Once your site’s visuals and structure come together, you’ll want to start filling the pages with content whether its written content or images. There are a slew of workspaces inside The Website Planner that’ll help you check those boxes off and inch you closer to launch in 100% completion.

#5 | Social media and putting a soul to your website.

Your social media pages and website need to complement each other! This helps build your audience but one of the biggest things that’s missed when starting a site is giving it a soul. People want to know why they’re going to your site and what they can take away from it versus other websites.

If you’ve been holding back on starting up your site or blog, consider this your neon sign. Shop Lovet Agency is rooting for you as you begin this next chapter. You can find The Website Planner at this link. Feel free to reach out through the contact form with questions or drop a comment below!
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