Planning Your Instagram Feed For Success In 2020

The new year is coming in hot and something we’ve been hearing from a number of people online is “I wish I had this in 2019”. That’s kind of like a layer of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and with 2020 coming up, FOMO is the last thing you want on the mind. To make things as simplistic as possible though in figuring out what you should have in the new year, we’ve rounded up the 5 essentials to rock your Instagram in 2020.

If you’re a general Instagrammer, small business owner, or aspiring to be an Instagram influencer, don’t snooze on this list.

Underestimating the power of Instagram is something we’re leaving behind in 2019. Move onto questioning what’s going to help you EXCEL in 2020 and drastically improve your online presence! 

We’re going to go through our recommendations in sequence of which product to start with first that way you get the most out of enhancing your Instagram experience. Put your trust in these tools and the process and you’ll see more followers, more clients, and better engagement all-around!

#1 | Brand Your Instagram - Digital Download

This digital download is the holy grail to getting the aesthetic of your Instagram grid hashed out. It guides you through color choices, how you can make your profile more cohesive, etc. The best way to use this planner is to print it out because there will be workable areas you want to fill out and have in front of you as you apply those choices to your Instagram profile.


#2 | Find Your Voice - Digital Download

For the “absolutely new to Instagram” users, the Find Your Voice digital download is necessary for figuring out how you want to present yourself to your potential audience. Like do you want to come off super friendly and relatable? Do you want to come off as professional? How about inspiring? These are all thoughts to consider and can help shape your content. The digital download will walk you through the different facets of online voice and has workable areas so its best to print it out!


#3 | Instagram Planner - BESTSELLER

The Shop Lovet Agency Instagram Planner is the most popular tool to go into 2020 with. Sometimes posting on a whim is more time consuming than you originally intended for it to be, and it’s crucial to have a gameplan because thoughtful content attracts more people which can help your engagement and following. The Instagram Planner gives you a physical, paper space to plan out the posts you need to create and publish AND you can thoughtfully plan out your Instagram stories and highlights.


#4 | Instagram Content Calendar - Digital Download

This digital download is made specific to the 2020 calendar year and pairs excellently with the Instagram Planner. Why? Because it is 365 days of post prompts to get your creativity flowing and have some sort of plan in place to save time. Simply print out the digital download or pull it up on your computer and transfer your favorite prompts (fleshed out and planned) to your Instagram Planner. The download also includes fun holidays and dates you may want to partake in!


#5 | Instagram Quote Bank - Digital Download

She said what?! These are the quotes you don’t want to sleep on. This digital download is filled with countless quotes for you to implement in your captions OR in graphics you create. Quotes are a hit on Instagram because people are more likely to stop and read them especially if they’re catchy and trendy which is what this digital download business is all about. 


We can already feel 2020 is going to be stellar for your Instagram with these at your side! Want more content from Shop Lovet Agency? Don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and parouse our blog section for more epic posts like this!

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