Planning Content During a Pandemic: An Exclusive Interview with Business Consultant Estee Stein

Interacting with our customers and audience is a daily joy, and every so often, we connect with remarkable individuals to spotlight on our blog through an exclusive interview!

In this Lovet Planners interview, we introduce you to Estee Stein, a business consultant on Instagram who connects with many small businesses and individuals who are seeking to improve on how they sell their products, promote their business, or need an advisor on what the next steps should be for their business! 

One of the things that Estee sees online is duplicate content. In other words, she sees brands and people using or copying content that doesn’t belong to them or resonate with their brand. This is where Estee steps in, and with the help of her Instagram Content Calendar from Lovet Planners, the world is her oyster and she has incredible advice to share in this interview! We hope you LOVET as much as we do!

LOVET INSIDER: What are the challenges you see or understand to be common for most Instagram users looking to promote their brand on Instagram?

ESTEE: While many B2B or B2C post content regularly, they often do not look at the Calendar and appreciate the timing. What I mean by that is businesses (and people) need to post RELEVANT things and not just PROMOTIONAL. They often sound Sales-y. 

For example, I often see this "Look at this bracelet. Isn't it just gorgeous?!" Many people are out of work now and are not looking to spend money or perhaps they are being cautious and don't have a "thing" to go to......

Instead, why not "Hey, it's National Girlfriends's Day, and maybe you have not seen your FILL IN THE BLANK (Bestie/Sister/Mom...) in a while. Send her this gorgeous bracelet so she will know that you are thinking of her" or something along those lines. Or how about showing the item on "An Outfit of the Day" and say "Outfit of the Day" or "Tip of the Day? Sometimes, when I am getting dressed and it is just soooooooooo hot outside - I have no idea what to wear! I like to pair a simple White Tee with my favorite Jeans and put on a bright-colored necklace. It makes my outfit complete without much effort".                                                        

LOVET INSIDER: Could you share with us more about your brand and how your business as a consultant got started?

ESTEE: I started out in Fashion Design & Merchandising and I went to FIT in New York. From there I worked in Corporate for many well-known fashion labels for 20+ years. I traveled the world from Europe to Taiwan sourcing & developing products to merchandise and present to the buyers. Many people would ask me to consult with them on their business along the way so when I got tired of traveling, it was just a natural course for me. I love helping others. I generally work one on one because I love that personal connection, but I also consult with big businesses for events or brand building.

LOVET INSIDER: How has the content calendar helped you and who would you recommend it to?

ESTEE: The content calendar is so important because it has helped me and my clients to stay on track with posting. More specifically, it helps mix up the feed to include Personal & Interesting Tips and Ideas. I would recommend it to anyone and everyone looking to stand out online with a purpose. It has also allowed me to be mindful of the actual calendar. Meaning, is it a Holiday, a National Day, or maybe it's just the weekend. Everyone needs to post in a timely fashion.

LOVET INSIDER: How has content preparations changed for you with the current pandemic?

ESTEE: As more and more people are either home or working from home, they are often online a lot more. People want to be inspired, see pretty things. They are tired, scared, and depressed from watching the news and they want to see and read some positive things. Some are lonely and want to connect so engagement is also very important. I try to give them that. Motivation, Positivity, Calmness & Connection.


LOVET INSIDER: What one pro-tip would you offer to those planning their content for the first time with the content calendar as opposed to posting on the spot? 

ESTEE: Batch! Batch! Batch! Create lots of content. You can always go back and tweak it with a fresh eye just before you go to post. It also helps with time management. For IG Stories, its the same-so while you may not be able to tweak the video, you may want to hold off from posting if you see the timing isn't right.

 To close the interview, we asked Estee her favorite quote to live by. She explained that since she loves to help other people and lights her up, a quote that resonates with her most comes from Albert Einstein: 

Only a life lived for others is a life worthwhile.

A huge thank you to Estee Stein for taking part in this interview and sharing valuable info and tips for everyone navigating the digital world during this pandemic! You can find the digital download of the Instagram Content Calendar at this link.

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