Pairing Passion with Planners | An Interview with Influencer Alexis Alcala

Putting your passion into Instagram to share a message you believe in is something that influencer Alexis Alcala is all about. Her blog and Instagram profile both are vibrant and radiant, and with nearly 5k followers, her engagement is out of this world. We’re happy to present to you our latest Shop Lovet Agency interview with California’s very own Alexis Alcala. LOVET INSIDER is on the influencer scene!

Meet Alexis Alcala

LOVET INSIDER: Tell us about the origins of your profile.

ALEXIS: I would describe my vibrant profile as a place for women to come and hopefully leave my page feeling inspired to live the best life possible. I dip my toes into a lot of categories, solely sharing what I love and what makes me happy. I have a strong passion for creating daily #ootds but I am much more than that. I allow my audience to get to know me through my blog, thoughtful captions and my Instagram stories. 

LOVET INSIDER: How would you describe social media and the opportunities it presents?

ALEXIS: This may sound cheesy, but I would describe social media as life changing. I met my significant other and some of my best friends through social media and truly believe that you get out of it, what you put into it. I have been on social media since 2014, and from the beginning I saw the immense opportunities that came, with holding a career in the space. I received my degree in Social Media from the Art Institute of Design and Merchandise, and from there I began to focus on growing my own brand in the social world. (Wordpress, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.) 


LOVET INSIDER: How has your blog and social media profiles evolved since you first started (look, content, etc)?

ALEXIS: My blog and my social media has evolved in so many ways since I first began this journey in 2014. It’s important to keep up to what your audience wants to see. As my audience grows and evolves, I focus on what is working and what isn’t in order to produce content that they want to see.


LOVET INSIDER: How has the Blog Planner and Instagram Planner helped you and what features do you love about them?

ALEXIS: My Blog Planner has helped all my bouncing ideas come down on paper. Now every time I have an idea, I write it down in my planner and sit down at the end of the day to plan out a posting date. My Instagram Planner helps me keep myself accountable to have content ready, everyday. It also helps plan out my Instagram feed better and allows me to be ahead of the game.  

LOVET INSIDER: What's your quote to live by?

ALEXIS: "Dreams will remain just that - dreams - unless you have the courage to pursue them and make them a reality.” Walt Disney


A huge thank you to Alexis for sharing her experience with us at Lovet Planners! Follow Alexis on Instagram at @lexialcala and don’t forget to check out the Blog Planner and Instagram Planner at!
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