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We’re gonna take it back and mix things up a little in this week’s LOVET INSIDER! 

Whenever we set time out from our day to jot things down in our planner (i.e. LOVET Weekly Planner), silence is deafening. Sometimes, the silence can be so deafening that it becomes, well… distracting! 

Quartz did a really interesting piece on how music can actually increase your productivity. They note studies on how music improves our moods, our physical performance, and how it can make repetitive tasks easier to knock out. Let’s face it: planning IS repetitive, but it doesn’t have to be a damper on things. 

Everyone is different though. Some prefer silence while others prefer background noise, so we’ve decided to round up some of our favorite podcasts and playlists for you!


A Little Too Much

Jamie Stone is a client at LOVET AGENCY and recently she launched her podcast website. What makes this such a great podcast to listen to is that Jamie covers a RANGE of topics. You’ll get interesting stories from Jamie, discussions on various topics (beauty, wellness, dating, finances, etc.), and interviews with influencers, celebrities, and entrepreneurs. 

Martini At Brands

Some real conversations happen in this podcast! Lifestyle, dating, business, etc. This podcast is one package but it’s not just that… it’s like a party in a podcast. You feel like you’re part of the conversation and those are the best types of podcasts!

The Goal Digger Podcast

The name alone says it all! When you’re chasing your dreams, sometimes advice from experts and others reaching for their goals are essential. The Goal Digger Podcast is described as a live-workshop style business podcast, and we’re all here for it!



That Quartz article we mentioned earlier? Well, in their breakdown of how music can increase productivity, they noted how lyrics can actually negatively impact your productivity. So if this rings true to you, scope out some productivity playlists on YouTube like this one! It’s a 2 hour mix from Evan Carmichael.


Music with lyrics are really something that depends on the listener. What keeps you in the groove of things? Is it how lyrics pair with a beat? Is it how some lyrics are motivational and empowering? The power is in the play button and you have the agency to choose!

What are some struggles you have with productivity? We want to know! Share them with us in a comment below or send a question/tip to us using this contact form: CLICK HERE

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