Lovet Planners Makes Live Debut on 'CBS - KCAL NEWS DAWN'S CORNER’

Every year, we add a special goal to our vision board: to see Lovet Planners featured on TV. And guess what? It happened again on September 20, 2023! 

Host Deborah Duncan and Lifestyle Advisor Dawn McCarthy showcased our products as part of their "Celebrating Women In Business" at Dawn's corner segment.

Lovet Planners at CBS KCAL NEWS

Amy opened by All the products featured today celebrate women in business… since on September 22 we celebrate American Business Women’s Day.

As a Lifestyle Advisor, Dawn McCarthy, featured several products and this included  Lovet Planners! And Guess what!? This was Vision Book LUXE Edition's first LIVE television debut!

Lovet Planners CBS KCALNEWS Feature

Dawn, a fellow businesswoman, mentioned that “and none of this would not be possible for any of these entrepreneurs without a vision board..”  She then added that “all of these women had a vision board to help out and solve problems.”

She also mentioned that "Forbes even did an article that if you visualize it, you can actually make it happen"

Dawn explained that the Vision Book LUXE Edition includes prompts to help you envision various aspects of your life, such as family, career, travel, love, and spirituality.

Also featured was the Vision Book Graphics Book, which Dawn shared “ what's nice about it is you don't have to tear apart magazines”

Lastly,  Dawn mentioned that " It's a great gift for great women doing great things!"


If you're an aspiring businesswoman, consider using the Lovet Planners Vision Book to help you bring your dream business to life. And don't forget to explore our other manifesting tools in our Manifesting Collection!

You can watch the full CBS News segment: Dawn’s Corner  at this link:

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