Lovet Planners Featured on Klas 8 News - Last Minute Holiday Gifts

Christmas is just around the corner (literally!) and if you're still look for gifts then this is for you! 

Host Jillian Lopez and Lifestyle Dawn McCarthy showcased Lovet Planners during their "Last Minute Holiday Gift Ideas" segment and Dawn's Corner. Jillian opened the show by saying "if you need gift ideas for Christmas or product to have for the new year the we got you covered."

Lifestyle Advisor, Dawn McCarthy, featured Lovet Planners' Vision Board Kit first and mentioned that "It's something that most people need going into 2024"

She also shared that she got this book for her friends for the holidays and to get a head start for 2024!

Dawn pointed out that the Vision Board Book have different tabs for each areas of your life you want to focus on the new year, like finances, home, health and so on. 

Aside from that, she also showed the Vision Board Graphics Book and shared that " It has all the inspirational quotes and images you need. So no more cutting of magazines.

Dawn also mentioned that "this really empowers women. When you put something into writing, you can really manifest it and make it happen."

Host Jillian then read one of the Vision Board quotes, "Where you are right in life right now is only the beginning."  and then added "So the Beginning of the New Year, I love that".

Lastly,  Dawn highlighted Lovet Planners as an amazing gift under $50.


If you're ready to get a head start for your 2024 goals and dreams, consider using the Lovet Planners Vision Board Book Kit to help start you manifesting journey. And don't forget to explore our other manifesting tools in our Manifesting Collection! 

You can watch the full Klas 8 News - Dawn's Corner segment at this link:


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