Lovet Planners Featured on Great Day Houston - Kick off Your 2024!

Lovet Planners recently made it onto Great Day Houston, and it's only been four days into 2024!

The lovely host, Deborah Duncan, talked about the top six products that lifestyle expert Dawn McCarthy selected for starting the year, and Lovet Planners was one of them (Yay!)!

During their segment, "New Year, New Products to Kick Off The New Year," Lifestyle Dawn McCarthy shared, "I want you to plan for the year. Lovet Planners made vision boarding easier, and even Forbes says visualizing success works."  

Lovet Planners on Great Day Houston 2024

Deborah then commented, "We put so much stuff on our phones and never see it again." She added." So I'm one of those people! I'm tactile and visual, and I love to be able to open up a book and do something like this." This makes Lovet Planners the perfect vision board tool!

Lovet Planners on Great Day Houston 2024
Dawn said, "You don't need a magazine when using this (Vision Board) Kit." Dawn also explained how the Lovet Planners Vision Board Kit is designed with different sections for Love, Spiritual, Career, and more
Lovet Planners on Great Day Houston 2024

To wrap it up, Dawn highlighted Lovet Planners as "a gift to give to everybody! Just to kick off their January," making it a thoughtful and empowering present for the holiday season.


If you're ready to reach your goals and dreams this 2024, consider using the Lovet Planners Vision Board Book Kit to help start your manifesting journey. And remember to explore our other manifesting tools in our Manifesting Collection! 

You can watch the full episode of Great Day Houston Dawn's Corner segment at this link:

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