Influencer Katie Miller's Connection with the Instagram Planner | Exclusive Interview

Fashion and lifestyle lives and breathes on Instagram with an incredible range of different personalities sharing what they love most online with their following. For LA Instagram influencer Katie Miller, she’s a fashion enthusiast, on her game with the daily slay, and a dog mom to an adorable fur baby. 

When we connected, we got Katie set up with the Instagram Planner for her to give it a go, and after a few months, we checked in for an exclusive interview to see how things are going. We’ve got the LOVET INSIDER scoop!

LOVET INSIDER: Tell us more about your personal brand and how it started.

Katie: Fashion always has been, and always will be, a creative outlook for me. I started my fashion Instagram page at the end of April 2019. My main goal for this page was to create fun content that was inviting, affordable, and practical for my viewers. Within the Instagram platform, I have connected with awesome girls and have had the opportunity to work with and represent various brands, companies, and other influencers. When I had started @Katiesfashionromance I knew I wanted to become part of the community. It took me four months of hard work, learning, and struggling until I was finally accepted into the program! This was a HUGE milestone for me and this achievement gave me the confidence that I needed and helped solidify the fact that I was really growing this fashion blog. My next goal is to hit 5,000 sincere, real, and true followers. I do not use any companies to help “gain” my following because I want to create genuine friendships and contacts. Undoubtedly, I never imagined I would have an impact on this many people and it warms my heart to see all of the support and love that I have been surrounded by. I am truly grateful for this experience and the people I have met and continue to meet along the way.

LOVET INSIDER: What qualities do you look for in a planner?

Katie: The qualities that I look for in a planner are neatness, the promotion of organization, and the ability to encourage positivity. I consider myself to be a planner fanatic! Unfortunately, I have had several planners that have not given me the inspiration I needed. That is why I want to express my excitement for this planner, the Instagram Planner! It has given me the most helpful and positive experience thus far! I absolutely love what it represents. The qualities that I look for in a planner are fully met within its pages. 

LOVET INSIDER: Before you started using the Instagram Planner, were there any challenges you had in your day to days?

Katie: Before this planner it was a challenge to map out my content for my fashion blog. I would make to-do lists, however, they were not as effective as my current Shop Lovet Planner. I would be stressed to meet specific deadlines I had made for myself, and deadlines that had been given to me by companies. With these challenges, I realized I needed to change something. That was when I understood that I needed a tool to help me meet my personal goals and my professional ones. Clearly, I love that this planner gives me the opportunity to focus on collaborations, giveaways, creating content, and posting content among other areas of blogging. With the help of this planner, I am more consistent with posting, and my time management skills have been supported because I am able to create in a more efficient and motivated manner. My challenges with the blogging world are certainly less with the use of my Instagram Planner

LOVET INSIDER: How has the Instagram Planner helped you? What pages in particular stand out to you and why?

Katie: Without a doubt, my Instagram Planner has improved my blogging skills tremendously! This planner represents the following: time management, organization, originality, and optimism. Furthermore, it has helped me grow my blog by creating an atmosphere of reliability and constructing expectations for my followers. I aim to reach those expectations and to even go above and beyond their prospects! I have learned so much on this platform and my planner has been a beneficial strategy giving me the opportunity to meet my goals for the future and by forming a positive impact in my blogging journey as a whole. 

One of my favorite things about this planner is that fact that the owner can personalize each page. The pages are left blank for the client to customize to their liking. Giving each owner this freedom creates a personal connection and lets them truly dive deep into their planning. Likewise, the page that stands out the most to me highlights giveaways, collaborations, weekly themes, etc. Having pages like this gives me the opportunity to focus on separate and several endeavors in an organized and stress-free way! Overall, this planner alleviates anxiety for me and helps me create my vision! 

LOVET INSIDER: Favorite quote(s) to live by?

Katie: Two quotes have resonated with me. 

“The journey is the reward.” I believe every person has their own journey. It is important for each person to find it within themselves and to understand that their goals can lead them on an incredible and successful voyage! Well, it’s been a busy year for me and education! Not only have I been learning everything about blogging, but this year I also started substitute teaching elementary school. I just obtained my Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction, so all of my hard work is starting to pay off! Ultimately, I do plan to teach full time, but with how quickly my blog has taken off, there's no way I’m stopping any time soon! My fashion blogging has surrounded me with a great community of supporters and people who share the same passions as me! Unquestionably, my journey entails being a social media influencer by promoting my fashion blog and becoming a full-time elementary school teacher. 

“I want my face to be infallibly carved with laugh lines when I’m old and gray, to reveal the happiness I’ve lived to know.” Being happy is my number one thing! You HAVE to be happy and you HAVE to be positive. Each day I focus on being optimistic. What I have come to notice is that happiness is contagious! If you are kind to someone it makes them appreciate that gesture and pay it forward. This is one of my favorite quotes because it helps people focus on the little things. Sometimes this world gives people unrealistic ideas, goals, hopes, dreams, and this quote helps people focus on the good in their lives that some people may even take for granted. Indeed, this quote promotes something that is realistic for each human to achieve and to perform! When I am older, I will reflect on the memories that I have and know that my life is bound by happiness.

A huge thank you to Katie for sharing her experience with us at Shop Lovet Agency! Things sound incredible and we look forward to watching you continue to kick a** on Instagram. Follow Katie on Instagram at @katiesfashionromance and don’t forget to check out the Instagram Planner by CLICKING HERE.
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