How to Write the Best Instagram Captions in 2020

How are you engaging with your audience on Instagram this year? When Instagram first launched, captions were short and sweet. Over the years though, the evolution of Instagram captions has been quite an experience to witness. The question is though… Are you keeping up with the times?

When it comes to writing captions on Instagram, there are a few things you need to keep in mind:

  • Hooking the audience to encourage them to keep reading
  • Caption lengths
  • Strategies to incorporate with your Instagram plan to increase the chances of your followers (or visitors) to like and comment on your post

We’re here to share with you the deets on those bullet points in this special Instagram caption specific blog post!

What’s Trending?

If you follow influencers or coaches and gurus online - especially on Instagram - you might notice that captions are getting longer and longer. We’re not talking full on blog posts long, but these captions are considered to be micro-blog style. 



How Long Should Captions on Instagram Be?

According to, 2019 was such a powerful year for long Instagram captions and 2020 is predicted to have an average of 65-70 words for Instagram captions. Why is this, you ask? When you increase the length of your captions, you’re inviting your followers (and visitors) on your own journey and inspiring hope that the post can potentially influence their lives or practices. They will soak up every word you write, and while we encourage long captions, it’s important to keep in mind the quality of the caption you’re writing. You can write an essay but still not get the message across or have the right words to reel in your audience.

What Other Tips Should Be Applied?

Easy reading should always be considered when you’re writing your captions. We’re not talking about what words you use, because each profile and brand has its own tone that’s adapted, but easy reading can be impacted by formatting. Even this blog post you’re reading right now? Formatted for easy reading. That’s how we do! So what can you do to make sure your followers (and visitors) don’t rage quit while reading captions?

  • Utilize bullet points or emojis as bullet points if it’s applicable to the caption you’re writing.
  • Break lines. Don’t clunk your words together in one massive paragraph. Take the time to break up sections of your caption if it's that long.
  • Piggybacking off the last point, it’s hard to format directly in Instagram when you’re drafting a post to publish. We recommend using this site which is mobile friendly. It’ll copy and paste the formatting over so that you get clean line breaks: CLICK HERE


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How To Write the Best Instagram Captions in 2020

Now down to the nitty gritty of this blog post; the crème de la crème if you will. Last month, we put up a new guide on the site dedicated to helping you write the most engaging captions on Instagram. These are captions that will help you increase conversions, encourage your audience to like and comment on your posts, etc. 

The Instagram Caption Kit is a digital download that is immediately sent to your inbox upon purchase. It contains caption templates for you to fill-in accordingly and basically a lab for caption writing. You’ll be guided through the works so that you can up your Instagram game in 2020. 


Go the extra mile and grab yourself an Instagram Planner to help with careful, strategic planning! For more tips, make sure you’re signed up for our newsletter at and check out our other pro-tips and planner walkthroughs at the blog section of our site! Questions or comments? Drop a line below!
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