How to Visualize Your Goals Outside of Your Bedroom

Vision boarding is not a new concept. Back in the day, when we were all obsessed with Lisa Frank binders, jelly shoes, and didn’t realize makeup brushes have more power than the little wands that come with makeup compacts, we were creating what we knew as “dream boards”.

Vision boards? Dream boards? Same thing; one word difference!

When we create vision boards - or dream boards - it’s not for the enjoyment or satisfaction of others. Once you create a vision board, it’s yours. Whether or not you choose to display your vision board creations is 100% up to you! But picture this…

You’re sitting in your office or bedroom and your best friend comes over for a quick visit. The thing is, your vision board is out on display and it’s definitely a conversation starter but you didn’t create a vision board to discuss it with others. You created a vision board to positively inspire you while you make the dream work (through hard work) and reach your goals. 

Are you picking up what we’re putting down? You don’t have to have your vision boards on display for the world to see especially if that’s a conversation you don’t care to dip into with your friends and family. 

Here are some tips on how to visualize your goals outside of your bedroom!

Use Abundance Tools

These tools help you visualize goals from a money-making perspective. By visualizing the money numbers and cashflow, you break boundaries in your mind that trick you into thinking your goals aren’t possible because you don’t have the income now. The key is to visualize for the future and be constantly inspired and motivated to the point you follow through with your goals. Abundance tools are available at Lovet Planners through the Bank of the Universe Checks (inside the Vision Board Planner and available as a digital download) and the Million Dollar Bills digital download

With those tools, you can print them out and display them somewhere for yourself or carry it with you - privately - in your wallet or purse, etc. 

Try Vision Journaling

Rather than creating a masterpiece of your visions, journal what you’re feeling and what you hope to accomplish. But don’t only write things down. Include visual inspiration here and there! Think of it like a micro vision board. If you need the images and words to add to your own vision journal, we’ve got them designed and compiled inside the Vision Board Planner!

Create Vision Boards Using the Vision Board Planner

Instead of creating a large vision board that you display in your bedroom on a poster board or bulletin board, create your vision “boards” inside of the Vision Board Planner! Not only does this planner come with a variety of cutouts you can use to glam up and power up your vision board, but there are blank sections available for you to create your vision boards inside of the planner. That way you can carry it with you wherever you go and open it to take in for yourself and not have others eyeballing your visions!

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