How to Use the Vision Board Planner to Smash Your Goals

Vision boards have been around for quite some time now. Back in our grade school days, we were putting together vision boards under the name dream board. Vision boards are essentially the visual representation of goals, dreams, and aspirations; each one focusing on a specific subject. 

By using a vision board, you’re more than likely to achieve your goals and dreams. Need some proof? In our post How Vision Boards Help Small Businesses Reach Their Goals, we share statistical data gathered from a Forbes survey:

  • Almost two-thirds of small business owners believe that visualizing goals helps them map and develop their business plans.
  • One in five small business owners used a vision board or other visual representation when starting their business; 76% of those business owners said that today their business is where they envisioned it would be when they started it.
  • Eighty-two percent of small business owners that used a vision board from the get-go reported that they have accomplished more than half the goals they included on that board.

Vision boards don’t always have to be about launching your small business though. You can create vision boards for various aspects of your life: family, love, friendships, abundance, and more. 

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For vision board lovers and those new to vision boarding, we created the Vision Board Planner; one spiral-bound notebook that contains the essentials for your creation process: empowering words and phrases, affirmations, stylized quotes, unique Shop Lovet Agency visuals, abundance checks (our Bank of the Universe Checks) and even pages to assemble your vision boards inside the planner if you want to visualize privately. 

But how do you use it? Let’s walk through it together!

How to Use the Vision Board Planner

Step One: Familiarize yourself with the planner and brainstorm the intentions you’re setting for your vision board creation.

The last thing you want to do is jump into your vision board creation process too fast. Trust the process and familiarize yourself with the planner so that you are selecting cutouts that are in alignment with your goals and aspirations. 

Step Two: Cut out the words, phrases, and other visuals from the Vision Board Planner.

Pro-tip: As you cut out the desired words and images you want to use for your vision board, organize them into different piles as needed. For example, if you’re creating more than one vision board with the help of the Vision Board Planner, create piles for each one. If you’re creating just one vision board, organize the cutouts into the following piles: words + phrases and images. 

Step Three: Use your preferred writing utensil (pen, marker, etc.) to write on any cutouts that call for it.

Some of these cutouts include our empowering phrases that have you fill in the blank and our popular Bank of the Universe Checks. If you need more of those, we do have them available as a digital download or in its own physical book you can order! A Bank of the Universe Checkbook of sorts! 

Step Four: Use magazines or images of yourself to supplement your vision. 

It’s recommended to use images of yourself, because you are the detail needed to make an effective vision board. The more detailed, the better!

Step Five: Arrange the cutouts and images onto your vision board but don’t adhere them to the pages (or board) just yet. 

You want a vision board that you’re 100% satisfied with or it will muddle down the visualization experience. Spend some time rearranging things (adding and removing) until you are more than satisfied with the visual. 

Step Six: Adhere (glue or tape) the cutouts to your page or board.


You have your completed vision board with the help of the Vision Board Planner and you’ve saved time on sourcing materials, paper, and ink by doing so!

We wish you the best as you venture into the world of vision board creations. Don’t forget to check out our other blog posts that can help you amplify your vision and your vision boards’ effectiveness!

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