How To Use The Positive Thinking Journal in 5 Steps

Anxiety and depression have been revealed over the last decade as significantly common in worldwide populations. While healthcare access is still a valid and pressing concern, many have taken to their own means of coping with everyday stressors. 

One of those methods commonly used to reduce stress and create emotional lightness? Journaling. 

Journaling is scientifically proven to positively influence your mental health, and when it comes to mental health, there’s usually one common challenge to pass: working through negative thoughts. 

In our blog post Why Journaling For Mental Health Works, we share some key benefits of journaling. They include:

  • Journaling can reduce your anxiety. Studies have shown that journaling consistently can reduce mental distress, creating more room for a better sense of wellbeing and pushing out symptoms of depression. Because of this, journaling is considered an effective method of stress management.
  • Journaling can help break emotional cycles. It’s easy to get stuck in a certain feeling or replays that are weighing heavily on your mind. Journaling can shift the vibe and act as a distraction from these feelings so that you can seize an opportunity to reclaim control of your day.
  • Journaling helps you process and regulate your emotions. This is especially true for people who learn through writing and reading. Sometimes you need to face your problems and anguish - literally - to fully understand them. Writing about how you feel can work towards healing. Additionally, when you write about your emotions, it can be a cathartic experience that gives you a creative way to vent and release your emotions you have locked up.
  • Journaling can improve your immune system. When your stress is properly managed, your immune system doesn’t take a hit as frequently. Remember, excessive stress is linked to physical impacts in the long term! Your health relies on your mind.

But journaling can bring different experiences depending on the journal, right?

Like, at Lovet Planners, we have a Gratitude Journal and a Manifesting Journal; two different journals with different purposes and feelings attached to them. Each journal will encourage the benefits above but you can really double the helping of positivity with the new 100-Day Positive Thinking Journal from Lovet Planners.

How do you use this journal?

It’s so simple! We just need to cover 5 basic steps.

How To Use The Positivity Journal in 5 Steps

1. Read the informational guide.

The beginning of the journal has a chunk of informational pages you’ll want to read up on! This includes the science behind positive thinking. We answer numerous questions about vibe-shifting and share pro-tips with you. 

2. Use this journal every day (or night).

There are 100 pages of journaling in the Positive Thinking Journal. Each day, the journal will give you a new prompt or question to answer, but before you fill things out, read the instructions. Some journaling days, you might prefer to save for the morning or night depending on the prompts.

3. Complete the reflection worksheets every 25 days of journaling.

Every 25 pages, you’ll be given reflection questions so that you can do a deeper dive into your own mindset. Getting a better understanding of how you think and feel can help you build resilience over time.

4. Index your favorite journaling pages after the 100 days are over.

Review your journal entries and fill out your Index according to your own preferences. For example, there might be a specific journal date that you felt the most empowered. In your Index, you would log that as “I will read this page when I feel ________ (insecure).”

5. Complete the 100-day reflection worksheet at the end of the journal.

After you finish your 100 days of positive journaling, there will be a final set of reflection questions that follows the Index. 


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