How to Use the New Planner Tab Digital Download

In case you missed last week’s newsletter announcement, we unveiled a new, shiny digital download that can level up your planners! 

Introducing the Monthly Planner Tab Digital Download!

Our planners were created so that you can enjoy your planner your way, and for some of you, that might come in the form of having the monthly sections divided to thumb through quickly. Here’s what you need to know about the Monthly Planner Tab Digital Download.

There Are Different Styles Included

We can relate with wanting to have the products and planners you own match your fabulous style and personality, which is why the Monthly Planner Tab Digital Download offers various design styles: black, white, rose gold, gold, etc. To clarify, you don’t have to purchase the separate styles. It’s all included in the one digital download.

Experiment With Your Tabs!

It’s easy to think oh I’ll use all black planner tabs for my planner but you don’t have to gridlock yourself at all. Take our Founder & CEO for example. She took her Lovet Planner and used both the black and white tabs in an alternating fashion for better visibility as she thumbs through her planner. You can get creative with it! Use all the styles if you wish. They look absolutely lovely together.

How to Use the Monthly Planner Tab Digital Download

This digital download is created so you can easily print it at home, but we highly recommend printing it on a thicker paper type so that the quality is maintained with your planner and it doesn’t bend or fold like regular paper. 

  1. Purchase the digital download here for ONLY $5.
  2. The digital download will immediately be sent to your inbox.
  3. Save the download and print at home or send it to a local printer. 
  4. Once you have it printed, cut out the styles you’d like to use. Each label says the month twice so that you can fold it in half. 
  5. Fold the cutout in half.

  6. Scotch tape adheres wonderfully to the planner pages so all you need to do is use the correct month tab (depending on where your planner starts) and sandwich the starting page of each month with the folded tab.

NOTE: These tabs are compatible - visually and for organizational purposes - with all planners at Shop Lovet Agency even the Lovet Weekly Planner.

This is only the beginning, boss babes! Shop Lovet Agency is always brainstorming new products and downloads for you to use to improve your productivity and performance in the different areas of your life so that you can plan not her way, but your way. 

If there’s something you’d love to see from Shop Lovet Agency, feel free to drop us a line via Facebook or Instagram or contact us using this form on our website.

We look forward to seeing how you dress up your planners with this new digital download! For a chance to be featured on our profiles and/or blog, post photos of your tabbed planners on Instagram tagging @shoplovetagency and #ShopLovetAgency. We already know it’s going to be ravishing!
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