How To Use The Lovet Weekly Planner To Balance Your Work Flow

Sometimes, when you get a new planner it takes a little bit of time to figure out the answers to how am I gonna use this? But with tasks stacking and your week ahead looking like the unknown is going to drop reality on you without a moment’s notice, you can’t spend too much time worrying about that!

So we did that for you. 

The LOVET Planner is one of the first planners we created for Lovet Planners. It’s not your standard planner, as one could hope from our shop. It’s created to inspire and organize your tasks in a weekly format. We’re not talking about your super basic 8 to 6 PM format. Read on, because it’s even more epic than you can imagine!

Here’s how you can use the LOVET Planner as a tool to organize your weekly living and workflow. 

For starters, the LOVET Planner isn’t set up with dates. You fill as you go based on your needs. However, it is broken up into monthly sections. So at the beginning of each section, you’re given space to write down and manifest your month ahead. You can fill in…

  • Your mantra for the month (e.g. Hard work pays off in the long run)
  • Top 3 goals you’ve prioritized (e.g. Log off from work no later than 6 PM)
  • Great things that happened in the month once it’s a wrap!

Each section also gives you pages to track out finances. To be specific, you’ll find pages and columns for…

  • Leads & Sales
  • Passive Income
  • Expenses

In the digital age, it’s sometimes hard to rely on automatic payments because you forget about them and sometimes overspend. Using these pages will help you make sure you’re within budget and bringing the right income flow in!

Now to the most important part of the LOVET Planner! The weekly schedule. Each page represents one week. In other planners, you might be used to seeing two pages covering the span of one week but each single page is dedicated to one week’s worth of work and planning. 

They’re broken up by columns:

  • Do - Things that are on your To-Do list
  • Call - Don’t be late to those conference calls or calls needed to set up appointments and such
  • Go - Where do you need to go? Run errands? Go to an event?

Separating these different items will help tremendously for at a glance purposes. Things won’t get lost in the mix of all the things you write down as they might in other planners where the plans are typically consolidated with no hint as to the nature of each item. 

So you want to see it in action? Take a closer look!

Let’s get planning! You can find this planner and many others here on We want to know, what’s the most frustrating thing about planners you’ve given up on? Leave a comment below!

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