How to Use the Lovet Weekly Planner

Daily and weekly planners might seem like dime a dozen, but there’s a reason why you keep searching for the perfect planner. 

You want a planner that will hold everything for you; a planner that has the structure for efficient planning but still gives room for you to plan your way. 

The Lovet Weekly Planner is the prime example of this at Lovet Planners but it’s so much more than your average planner. Not only does it give you space to plan your days and weeks, but it also has features that will encourage you and alleviate stress along the way.

The features include but are not limited to…

  • Habit Tracking
  • Expense Tracking
  • Gratitude Journaling
  • Mantra of the Month

How do you use the Lovet Weekly Planner

Let’s dive into these fresh pages. 

How to Use the Lovet Weekly Planner

STEP ONE: Open the first monthly section and fill in the dates.

Lovet Planners' planners are not dated so that you use them as needed and eliminate waste of paper. Use a pen or pencil to write the dates out on both the “Important Dates” pages and weekly planning pages. 

STEP TWO: Complete the “Month at a Glance” page.

Each month, you’re encouraged to write a mantra (or affirmation) to stick by, set three goals for yourself, set a budget for the month (and your financial goals), and list great things that happened. All of this can help keep you motivated as you plan and make progress.

STEP THREE: Fill the “Expense Tracker” throughout the month.

This planner has space so that you can log your expenses. For a more detailed walkthrough of this page, visit our blog post How to Use the Lovet Weekly Planner’s Expense Tracker.

STEP FOUR: Open the “Important Dates” two-page spread and map out anything you don’t want to miss.

This section allows you to have a bird’s eye view of important dates in the calendar month. We recommend using it for birthdays, anniversaries, special events and occasions, heck! You could even put down movie releases for the next movie date at home.

STEP FIVE: Now for the “Week at a Glance” pages.

This is where you’ll organize your plans. There are three columns. Here’s how to use them!

  • DO: Big or small “to-do” items you need to check off your list.
  • CALL: For any phone calls or video meetings you want/need to make.
  • GO: This column works best for in-person appointments, errands that need to be done, special events, etc. 

STEP SIX: You’re not done yet! Don’t forget to bullet journal what you’re grateful for on the “Week at a Glance” pages.

Gratitude should be a continuous practice whether it’s the gratitude you hold privately or the gratitude you want to express to others. By thinking of what you’re grateful for, it helps ease the burden of the most stressful weeks.


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