How to Use The Hashtag Guide Digital Download

Instagram engagement is one of the most dreaded conversation topics because let’s be real… fighting the algorithm and getting your content seen is a challenge. That’s why we put together the Ultimate Instagram Hashtag Guide, a new digital download at Shop Lovet Agency. 

It’s essentially a crash course in hashtags on Instagram that walks you through the ins and outs of hashtags, how to pick the right ones for your profile, determining which hashtags are difficult in obtaining views, etc. 

We’ve got the skinny on how to get started with the Hashtag Guide Digital Download! But first...let’s first get some common questions about the new digital download out of the way.

Q: How many pages is the Instagram Hashtag Guide?

A: The Instagram Hashtag Guide has 19 colored pages for your informational needs and worksheets included.

Q: How do I get the Instagram Hashtag Guide?

A: Once you make the purchase of the digital download, it’ll immediately be sent to your inbox! Because it’s immediately available, digital downloads are non-refundable.

How to Use the Hashtag Guide Digital Download

Most of our digital downloads are best used when printed out, but with the Instagram Hashtag Guide Digital Download, it’s just as easy to use and reference on your desktop or mobile device. It’s only the last section that you’ll want to consider printing out.

The Instagram Hashtag Guide is broken up into several sections:

  • WTF Are Hashtags Anyway?
  • How to Use Hashtags
  • When to Use Hashtags
  • Do’s and Don’ts of Hashtags
  • Hashtag Recommendations
  • Hashtag Bank

WTF Are Hashtags Anyway?

This section walks through the history of hashtags and its purpose in the digital world. It explains how they operate to help improve visibility of your Instagram posts.

How to Use Hashtags

In this section, you consider the nature of your Instagram profile and are presented two routes of interest that you can apply when utilizing hashtags on your Instagram posts. 

When to Use Hashtags

Different case scenarios are laid out in this section. When is it necessary to use hashtags? Is it necessary to use hashtags for your profile and posts? There are various factors that come into the decision making to implement hashtags and it’s not always for visibility’s sake.

Do’s and Don’ts of Hashtags

With how long hashtags have been around, we’ve learned the ins and outs when it comes to the functionality of hashtags and general etiquette. In this section, you’ll consider the ways hashtags can make your profile (or posts) look unprofessional versus professional and more. 

Hashtag Recommendations

We all have our own areas of focus and interests when it comes to Instagram. There are lifestyle bloggers, fashionistas, makeup artists, entrepreneurs, etc. In this section, we offer different hashtag recommendations based on which group you fall in. Not only that, but we also have a subsection that breaks down hashtags based on days of the week. We’ve got quite the range of hashtags curated for you! 

Hashtag Bank

Using the hashtag bank, log the hashtags you 100% want to apply to posts on your profile depending on the theme of the post.

This digital download works best with the Instagram Planner as each month offers a section where you can write down “Hashtags to Try”. Give it a shot and see how your engagement improves!

We’ll wrap this up with our own hashtag method: For a chance to be featured on our profiles and/or blog, post photos of your planners or digital downloads on Instagram tagging @shoplovetagency and #ShopLovetAgency

This is only the beginning, boss babes! Shop Lovet Agency is always brainstorming new products and downloads for you to use to improve your productivity and performance in the different areas of your life so that you can plan not her way, but your way. 

If there’s something you’d love to see from Shop Lovet Agency, feel free to drop us a line via Facebook or Instagram or contact us using this form on our website.
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