How to Use the Bank of the Universe Checks

Creating vision boards is just one way to visualize and manifest your goals and aspirations in life. There are other tools that can be used with or without vision boards to amp things up for the time you spend visualizing like the Bank of the Universe Checks.

Also known as abundance checks, these Bank of the Universe Checks are used as a visualization tool to attract the money you wish to receive in X amount of years depending on what the goal is. Abundance checks are connected to the Law of Attraction and here is how they are described by

"Law of Attraction abundance checks are similar to placing an order at a restaurant. When you're at a restaurant, you tell the waitress what you want and just assume that you're going to get it. You don't ask her every minute for an update. You don't check on the chef to make sure he's cooking your food. You just go about your business knowing that you'll get your food…"

This practice is more common than you think it might be! 

There are a number of celebrities that have done a deep dive into the Law of Attraction, and our favorite example of the abundance checks comes from none other than actor Jim Carrey.

Before Jim Carrey hit it big, he wrote himself a 10-million dollar check for "acting services rendered" and dated it for 10 years in the future. This was in 1985. Fast forward 10 years, and Jim Carrey was cast in the movie Dumb and Dumber for $10 million. Love that Law of Attraction in action!!

Here’s how you can get started with the Bank of the Universe Checks!

STEP ONE ✅ Fill out a future date. 

You're not visualizing for the present moment. Instead, you're visualizing for the future so what are you NOT doing? You're not filling in the date with today's date. Nope! Give yourself time to manifest and inspire yourself to reach that goal of yours.

STEP TWO ✅ Fill "Pay to the Order of" section. 

Make the check out to you since this is your visualization journey. You wouldn’t fill this out under someone else’s name because the goal needs to be visualized by the goal-setter. In other words, if you’re hoping to bring good fortune and outcomes to a friend or family member’s life, introduce them to Bank of the Universe Checks so that they can visualize themselves.

STEP THREE ✅ Write a dollar ($) amount. 

Don't be afraid to think big here! The dollar amount you write on your check is a goal amount. Alternatively, you can use these checks to help you break out of mental restrictions preventing you from creating an effective vision board. For example, you want to renovate your home and create a vision board for those home improvements you want to make but are stuck because that costs MONEY. It's okay to play pretend with the blank check for your vision board so that you're free to visualize your end goal.

STEP FOUR ✅ Fill out "For" & sign. 

The "For" section is where you detail what the purpose of this check is. Sign your name in the correct spot.

STEP FIVE ✅ Display and/or use in your vision boards!

The most important thing to remember when it comes to your Bank of the Universe Checks is that you need to spend time with them as much as possible. The more time you spend visualizing your goal and desired outcome, the more motivated you’ll be to manifest that reality!

One Bank of the Universe Check is included in the Vision Board Graphics Book. If you want more checks, we do have an entire book of (4 designs!) Manifesting Checks.


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