How to Use a Vision Board to Design Your Dream Life

Starting a new year gives the sensation of hope. It’s a fresh start, and for many, it means new goals and aspirations have emerged.

Think about where you are right now and where you want to be in your life. 

Now, think about how you envision this year to pan out in 2021. 

Short term goals and long term goals both can be enriched with the help of a vision board. Have you thought about making a vision board to design your dream life?

Here’s what you’ll need.

Manifesting Ingredients:

  • Intention + defined goals
  • Determination
  • Commitment

Materials Needed:

  • Photos of yourself
  • Empowering words
  • Relevant quotes
  • Visuals to supplement your vision board

Scissors, tape, goals, boom! It sounds simple, right? When it comes to creating a vision board to design your dream life in 2021, you need to cover all aspects of your life you want to fine-tune. After all, the more detail that goes into your vision board, the more efficient the manifesting process will be. 

To design your dream life with the help of a vision board, consider including the following.

Inspiration to Improve Your Health

When your health suffers - physically, mentally, or emotionally - everything else in your life may suffer. Include visuals and images of yourself that will motivate you to reach a point where your health is in a secure place. This can take on many forms depending on the health angle you fuse into your vision board: fitness, self-care, self-love, and more.

Inspiration for Your Home

Sometimes that transformation you’re seeking is as simple as decluttering and creating a new space for yourself. Especially if you’re working from home or are at home a lot during this ongoing pandemic, changing the scenery is vital so that you don’t slip into feeling dissatisfied and disconnected with your lifestyle.

Inspiration for Relationships

This doesn’t have to just be for romantic relationships. The human connection is more important than ever as most of us don’t have a choice but to interact online until the coronavirus subsides. You can include visuals to inspire you to nurture your relationships with your friends, family, best gal group, etc. 

Inspiration for Personal Growth

You’re ready to embrace change, but more importantly, you’re ready to embrace personal growth. You want to reach the highest version of yourself. With a vision board, you can piece together the qualities and characteristics about yourself that you want to improve on. 

Inspiration for Your Career

If you’re working a job and you feel like you can improve or if you’re starting a side hustle or business, loading your vision board with career inspiration isn’t a bad idea! Empowering words that hype you up works well in this area.

Pro-tip: To save time and money on sourcing materials for your vision board, you can quickly get started with the help of the Vision Board Planner

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